Thursday, February 3, 2011


I'm so glad I have a husband who can make me laugh. When he's trying to, and when he's not.

Take, for instance, two nights ago.

We sat down to our (coffee) table with our big bowls of chili on a cold, snowy night. (Perfect!)

Bobby grabbed the package of oyster crackers, and gingerly started to open it.

"You've gotta be careful," he said, "so the bag doesn't go 'poof'...all over everywhere".

Can you guess what happened approximately 1.5 seconds later?

Poof! All over everywhere.

Priceless. He didn't know his own strength...and he couldn't have scripted it any better! (I don't think the picture really does the scene justice, to be honest. I mean, it was a full bag...we're talking major spillage.)

Oh, the laughter between us that followed...such fun. You should've been there. I'm certainly glad I was.

Like I said, he makes me laugh; I sure do love him for it.

*Disclaimer: No feelings were harmed in the publishing of this post. Bobby granted full permission for the details of this story to be shared with the general public, as gaining spousal approval for the recounting of stories such as this is highly advisable. 

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