Monday, February 7, 2011

A Big First Step

Today, Bobby and I took a big first step toward the purchase of our first home; I am happy to report that we are now pre-approved for a loan!

It's one thing to update our budget, take a long, hard look at our finances...and say, "yeah, it looks like we're set. Let's go buy a house!"

It's quite another thing for the bank to examine our financial circumstances...and agree.
(Our loan officer's actual words were, "Go find a house!" To which I replied, "We'd love to!")

The home-buying process (as I well-know from my time working in the real estate world) is one with many, many steps along the way. Still, to have made significant headway in the not-so-insignificant funding aspect of the process, seems a momentous occasion...worth celebrating in some small way!

We are so excited & proud & motivated, and we cannot wait to build upon the momentum of today.

We are officially in the market for our first home, and I just have a feeling...this is going to be fun.

"Hey, Bobby...for real this time...let's go buy a house!"


  1. Ah! Shopping is the best part. You get to imagine your future life in all sorts of ways - so fun. Enjoy it!

  2. I wish for you the joy felt that first morning when you wake up and realize you are in your very own home, it is priceless.