Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"It's a...FEMALE!"

Our Valentine's Day gender reveal (yes, this post is long overdue) was exactly as I imagined it would be, both memorable and meaningful.

Bobby opened the handmade card as I looked over his shoulder, anxiously waiting to see the word "Boy" or "Girl" when we looked inside. We were both thrown off for a brief moment as we each read "Female". (Apparently the ultrasound technician who wrote the note thought the anatomically-correct phrasing of our little one's gender was more appropriate than the traditional "It's a boy/girl!" announcement. Good grief.) We looked at each other and in a glance realized together:

"We're having a daughter."

There were tears of joy, magnified (of course) when I opened the gift bag with a newborn-sized girl's outfit, specially-selected by Bobby. Red, white, and blue...perfect for our Firecracker. (Well-done, Daddy!)

Bobby got to open baby girl's first (though undoubtedly not her last) Kansas City Royals ensemble, and although there were no tears on his part, he was quite excited.

We celebrated together, cherished the rest of the evening, and began to wrap our heads around the reality that a little girl is about to join our family.

That fact has taken a bit of time to sink in, but is becoming increasingly real to both of us. For exactly a month now, we've known that baby is a "she"...and we cannot wait to meet our little Female!