Saturday, March 27, 2010

Living For Him

In an effort to do some "spring cleaning" today, I came across a bulletin from one of the churches Bobby and I visited last fall. The topic of the sermon that Sunday had been "Living for Him", and one of the questions that the speaker posed to the congregation was "what does living for God mean?" I jotted down my immediate response to that question.

Living for God means...
  • Obedience.
  • Potential sacrifice.
  • Having a willing attitude.
  • Accepting that His purpose/plan may be different than my own.
My desire is to continually ask myself that question...and to more deliberately practice living out my response.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Green Grass Grows All Around

I am embarrassed to admit that it's been over a month since I've posted. (Which isn't for lack of having blog-worthy thoughts or material, I must say.) I've simply discovered that after sitting at the computer all day at work, doing the same thing once I get home isn't too appealing. (Which doesn't explain my ability to play on facebook at great lengths. Go figure.) In any case, I'm back. For the time being, anyway.

It's been a rainy day in St. Louis, and across much of the state, from what I hear. I was looking out the window (during what was a very, very brief "time-out" from a very, very busy workday), watching it rain. As I watched the drops fall, I couldn't help but notice the grass, practically turning greener before my eyes. I immediately thought, "Wow. God totally planned it this way. It HAS to rain for the grass to grow." It's obvious, of course, but the profoundness came when I realized that God's plan for the grass is probably far more similar to His plans for me than I usually care to recognize. How many of my dilemmas/circumstances/frustrations are serving as the rain that HAS to come for the grass to turn green? What part does this dilemma/circumstance/frustration play into the bigger life story of God's design?

It's easy to see the purpose for the rain when we see the rainbow at the end. But, when you're in the middle of the storm, it's far more difficult. And, I actually had a great day! (Like I said, easy to see a storm as a good thing when it's blown past!) No specific trials or tribulations to speak of. I'm happy. Joyful, really. Because (not only can I not think of any specific storms-or even rain showers-in my life) I know that God used me today for His glory. I hope that I can express that same joy the next time a storm comes along.

On another note, may I just say, I am so very ready to visit Springfield. It's been since late-January, and thankfully, we got to spend a delightful weekend with my parents and Rachel at the end of February...but it's already been a month past that, and I miss all of them and what will probably always be "home". Not to mention my desperate need for time with special friends. Yes, Morgan and Becca...I'm talking to you. One more week. It's going to be great!