Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Open Window

I'm glad that I waited until tonight to write, because had I written any earlier in the day, my attitude would have been less than pleasant. Today, after spending a fair amount of time browsing job postings online (or rather, the lack thereof) for Bobby and myself, I found myself for the first time genuinely annoyed at the current state of the job market and the economy. My annoyance turned to frustration, and my frustration to genuine anger and my thoughts progressed as follows....

"It isn't fair! I graduate in 4 months, and there are so few jobs to be found. Why have I bothered spending 4 years in school when a degree seems to matter so little? Bobby is trying so hard to get started and work hard to support us! Our generation hasn't even had a chance to make things better, and how are we supposed to when we can't even get a job? How do we even get started on our own? It isn't fair."

My attitude after my bedtime prayer has changed somewhat, and I realized that though I am frustrated, my perspective is a bit blurred. My thoughts should instead reflect the countless blessings that I enjoy.

I graduate in 4 months with a degree from an American university...
a reality that is a dream for so many around the world.

In less than 7 months, Bobby and I will, "for better or worse, for richer or poorer", be married, able to share in life's joys and trials together...something to truly be celebrated!

I do not go without, I have more than enough, 
and I have been abundantly provided for. 
I would be foolish to think that such a Mighty God 
would cease to provide for us in the days to come.

This isn't the first road block that Bobby and I have faced in our relationship, wondering what the future will hold, and I'm proud of myself for recognizing that it is certainly not the last. Still, it is a lesson of patience and trust that would be easier to avoid. But, I refuse to be discouraged for too long, because we have too much to celebrate. Tomorrow is another day! 

I think Maria put it best in "The Sound of Music" when she said, "when God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window". We're still waiting to find that window, but oh, won't that fresh air feel good? 

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hearing Him Speak

I hadn't realized how long it has been since Bobby and I have attended church separately, but that was the case this morning. I was happy to be back in Columbia after a month of being away, able to worship at the church that has brought both of us so much joy. What I was unprepared for, though, was the reality of being there without Bobby. I was barely able to sing the first few worship songs, fighting back tears, missing him and feeling very far away. I was struck by the profound blessing that it is for us to share in worship when we are together, and I recognize now how precious our time together at church truly is. 

Missing Bobby, though I was, I thoroughly enjoyed the service and am thankful for God's gentle reminder that He is with me in Columbia, even though Bobby and some special friends and family are not. 

"Teach us, Lord, full obedience, holy reverence, true humility...." 
"Speak, O, Lord, and renew our minds; Help us grasp the heights of your plans for us...."
-Excerpt from 'Speak, O, Lord', written by Keith Getty-

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inaugural...Post

I’ve had the thought of beginning a blog for some time now, after being blessed and somewhat inspired by the ideas and personal thoughts shared on blogs by a few friends. Today, as I watched the presidential inaugural events throughout the day, I had many thoughts that I feel inclined to share and today seems as good a time as any to begin a blog of my own. What this will become I’m still unsure, but at this time with a changing world and the changes that I am facing at this point in my own life, the opportunity to write my thoughts on a regular basis seems to be a good idea.


More than any other feeling today as our nation welcomes a new president is that of fascination. I am fascinated by the beautiful nature of the presidential transition of power in our American democracy. Our nation is unlike any other, in that in a matter of hours, we can peacefully usher in a new leader, chosen by the people. The pomp and circumstance surrounding the inauguration was fascinating for me to watch, and recognizing the tradition behind the regal pageantry demonstrates the power and distinctiveness of the American presidency.


I don’t agree with all of President Obama’s ideas, and I may not approve of all of his decisions during his presidency, but I do respect the position he holds and the service he is giving to our country. I respect him for bringing hope to so many people, and for what I believe to be a genuine motivation to make the world a better place. I admire the office of the president, and respect the history of our nation because of the presidents we have chosen throughout the years.


I’ll be praying for President Obama, his family, and the individuals working under him, that in the years ahead, they will use wisdom in their decision-making, and be protected as they serve. I strongly believe that our country has been and is blessed by God through the leaders we are given, and I am certain that He has a plan for our new president, too.


Finally, I am reminded today that the festivities we create for our earthly leaders pale in comparison to the heavenly splendor that surrounds our Father, and the magnitude of the “sea of humanity” that worships our true Leader. What a celebration that “inaugural ball” will be….