Sunday, May 31, 2015

Brennan: Seven Months

May 2, 2015

  • You are still wearing 6-9 month clothing.
  • At your 6 month doctor's appointment, you weighed 18 lbs. and 5 ounces. This is only 8 ounces less than Emerson weighed at her 6 month appointment, which amazes me. The similarities between the development of you two is fascinating.
  • Your hair is getting blonder and blonder, and noticeably longer, too! 
  • You are finally sleeping in your own bed at nighttime! You're ready for bed between 7:30-8:00 p.m., and after nursing in the chair in your room, you fall asleep quite quickly in your bed. You wake up to eat late in the evening and then after that meal, you're back to sleep for a few hours. 
  • Napping in your crib in getting much easier, too. You never sleep for hours on end, but you're more willing to be placed in your crib for snoozes during the day. You still have to be asleep first, though. 
  • You've been taking baths with Emerson and you are both enjoying that time considerably! 
  • You are so strong! From lifting your chest to grabbing at sunglasses to holding onto've got some muscles!
  • Making forward motion is so close for you! You are scooting all over the place, and can usually get where you want to go, sooner or later. 
  • You are primarily self-feeding yourself, as you aren't particularly interested in taking food from a spoon. More fun to do it yourself, it seems! I'd forgotten how messy this stage is...and goodness, it really is. Avocados and bananas are by far your favorite foods...probably in large part due to your ability to eat them without help.
  • Your vocalizing has increased, too. Lots of shrieks and loud squeals to get in on the conversation, and it seems you have a new sound to master daily.
  • You "cluck" with your tongue often! It's hard to say if you like the way that it feels or sounds, or both, but you click and cluck often and are pleased when we notice!
  • We put your infant bathtub in the tub so you could share bath time with Emerson, which you both seem delighted in. She enjoys playing with you, and you're happy to have more water to splash. You love any chance to feel like a big girl!
  • You seem so very aware of everything going on around you. You are watchful and very "present", interacting and participating in your world! Now that you can move a bit more, you are truly content to sit and play and move in your space, and it's nice to have you enjoying your time just "being" with us.
  • You have two bottom teeth! They both surfaced simultaneously, with fairly little disturbance to your usual patterns. You drooled a bit more and seemed a bit fussy for a couple of days...but otherwise, you handled it like a champ. And, you look quite adorable with them there.
  • We are taking lots of afternoon walks through the neighborhood, and you and Emerson are both quite happy to be in the double-stroller together. You enjoy relaxing as we walk, and seem to enjoy being outside. We play on the blanket in the backyard, too, and it's fun to see you begin to move around and explore the yard around you.
  • You are really trying to get Royal's attention on a regular basis. I'm sorry to say that he usually doesn't give you much attention in return, but you are fascinated in him and so enjoy when he does let you pet him or tug on his fur.
  • You notice when Daddy comes home and greet him with a smile when he walks in the door at the end of the day. It's special welcome that makes us all smile right back.

Each day with you is a gift; YOU are a gift. 
I hope you always find such joy in learning about your world, delighting in the fun around you.
You certainly do make our lives full of wonder & happiness, 
and I'm overwhelmed by my ever-growing love for you.
You are so very treasured, precious Brennan.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Brennan: Six Months

April 2, 2015

  • You are wearing 6-9 month clothing.
  • You seem to be quite ready for food! It's obvious that you're watching while we eat, curiously eyeing what's on our plates. The general consensus among the family is that you'll eat solid food readily! We shall see! Daddy is out of town this week, but when he gets home, we'll give you that first taste.
  • You are having more awake time during the day. Which could be due to your sleeping so well at nighttime...on account of our togetherness. You and Mommy have been sleeping together on the couch at nighttime for weeks.... It makes nursing when you awaken so very easy, and it lets Daddy get a solid night of sleep. We definitely have some sleep-training work ahead of us, but between Mommy's sleep needs and knowing that any hard crying will wake up your big sister, there's just not been a lot of motivation to make it happen. But, it's been a long pattern of overnighting on the couch together and it has to stop sometime. 
  • You are rolling over quite easily, and it's so much fun to see you move! You spin in circles on the ground, positioning yourself to see what's going on around you. There's no sitting still for you!
  • You are beginning to lift your chest off of the ground, and even starting to pull up a knee occasionally. You are bound and determined to keep up with the action around here, and seem to be so ready to be able to move!
  • You sit with confidence, and have begun to rock forward when you're willing to do whatever it takes to have forward motion!
  • When you are unhappy (and it is becoming quite clear when you are!), you have a seriously high-pitched shriek. It certainly gets our attention...which is most definitely your intention. 
  • You have a rash all over your tummy and neck, likely eczema. It doesn't seem to bother you, though it does look so dry. Interestingly, it showed up at just the same time that Emerson's did when she was your age.
  • You are certainly recognizing (and not recognizing) people these days. You smile when Daddy comes home from work, and often greet Grandpa and Grandma with a knowing look, too. Likewise, you know when Mommy is close by or not, and typically show your displeasure when we're apart. (And if I'm being totally honest, I don't mind that a bit.)
  • You have been quite anti-church nursery, however, and that's been a bit of a challenge. We'll figure it out, though. Rocking you in the cry room and bouncing in the church hallways has been a joy; we're worshipping together.
  • You don't have any teeth yet, but I'm watching for them. Could be anytime!
  • Watching Royal around the house is one of your favorite activities. He makes you smile!
  • Your babbles have noticeably increased, and it feels more and more as though you're really trying to "talk" with us. You want to be heard! (And we are so happy to listen!)
  • You reach for toys that you're interested in, and easily pass them back and forth between your hands. You do love to play!
Brennan, I delight in you, and I'm in awe as I watch you discover & embrace your world. 
You are such a joy, and I'm thankful you're mine.
Six months have gone by so quickly.... 
Happy half-birthday, little one. 
I love you more than words can say.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Worth Repeating / 03



"I want to have a new baby!!"


Mommy: "Is Royal a horse?"

Emerson: "No, he not a horse. ... He's a donkey. ... Now he's a dog."

(After attending a baby shower)
"There's a baby in my tummy. See my belly button? That's the baby. It will get bigger, and grow. ... First me have to be married."


"And Gawwww-dddd is 'da Lowwww-errrrrd."

"Goli-aff wanted to hurt God's people."


(Just waking up in bed)

"I love my mommy and my daddy."

(After Mommy and Daddy helped Emerson sit up in bed)

"Thank you, Mommy and Daddy. You're a great team. You're on the same team."


Emerson: "What's that on your face?"

Mommy: "Lotion. It helps my skin."
Emerson: "Holy moly."


(Emerson settling into our bed at 4:11 a.m.)

"Turn dat way so I don't feel your face breathing."

Emerson: "I smile at those pictures."
Mommy: "When I look at pictures of you, it makes me smile, too!"
Emerson: "Aww. That's sweet of you."

(Saying goodnight to Brennan)
Mommy: "Merry first Christmas!"
Emerson: "Happy New Year, Brennan."

Emerson: "Do you have that...little...bracelet I gave you?"
Mommy: "Always. It's my favorite gift. That was so special."
Emerson: (Smiling) "Okay."


Emerson: "Mommy! Daddy!"

Mommy: "Yes, Emerson?"
Emerson: "...What did you say, Mommy?"

"Daddy, I love you. And I love playing with you! But right now, I have to play with my rock collection."



(Brennan distracted from her nursing by Emerson)

"I don't think she wants to eat. I think she wants to look at me."


Mommy: "Do you hear Brennan? She was happy when you were in there with her and now she wonders 'where did my big sister go?'"
Emerson: "I'm coming, Brennan!"

"I love you, Mommy. Even when I like you. That will never change."

(Banging on window to scare squirrels)
Emerson: "They're not leaving. Hmmm. Why are they not cooperating? Why they not obeyin'? Maybe they just want to keep eating."


Mommy: "Look, Brennan, we're doing the potty dance!"

Emerson: "Brennan say, 'I don't know about this!'"


Mommy: "Emerson, hand me the napkin so we can wipe your face."

(Hands Mommy napkin; Mommy wipes Brennan's face.)
Emerson: "My face, or Brennan's face...?"


Emerson: "He meant hot chocolate, right?"

Mommy: "Yes, did Daddy say cocoa?"
Emerson: "Yes. Hot chocolate is hot cocoa. Cocoa IS chocolate!"


"Somebody colored in this book. Maybe a boy, or a girl, or Emeteh did...."


(Fishing for alphabet letters in the bathtub)

"What a fun day to catch fish.... I wish I was a real fisherman."


(Taking care of doll)

Emerson: "Say, 'can I hold your baby?'"
Mommy: "Can I hold your baby?"
Emerson: "No. She's crying, and I'm da mommy."

(Swiffering kitchen floor)
"Look mama, I'm cleaning this. Say, 'oh I'm so glad you're cleaning that'.'"


"I just woke up this morning and I said to myself 'hmm, maybe I can help'."

"Mommy, this is not a big problem, it's just a lil pob-lem."


Mommy: "It's going to get cold again."

Emerson: "Oh yeah? Why do you tell me...?"


Emerson: "When I'm bigger, I'll ride a bussss."

Mommy: "And where will the bus take you?"
Emerson: "To, a, a gool. And I will ask my fwenns, 'can I draw wiff you?' And day will say 'hmm, maybe you can draw wiff us!' And then we will go to the nuseum, and then I will come home, when I need to come home."


"Daddy, she doesn't need to be roughed up! Gentle, daddy. She's just a baby! Have to be fragile. She might break!"



Emerson: "You make a good supper mommy!"

Mommy: "Thanks, baby girl. I love making food for you."
Emerson: "You're a cooker!"


Mommy: "Did you get Jell-O?"

Emerson: "Yeah because you couldn't hear me!"


Mommy: "You tinkled in the potty? And you pulled your pants up? What a big girl!"

Emerson: "I didn't wipe, mommy. I didn't wipe. I just wiped on my dress."


"The ice was hitting the window last night and that was beary scary. But now, it turned to snow! That isn't scary!"

(Looking out the window at the snow that fell overnight)
"Ooh! Let's go out there!"
"Can we go out now?"
"I just want to get dressed for the day."
"Awww. Can I go out there??"


(6:48 a.m.) "Mommy, can I go outside?" 

(Playing in the snowy yard)
Mommy: "Are you alright?"
Emerson: "No! I'm not alright."
Mommy: "Why are you not alright?"
Emerson: "Because I'm cold!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


A forgotten post, drafted last fall...but a pertinent personal reminder, always.

The family excursion to Lowe's had not gone well. I had needed a Saturday be out of the house for a feel productive. 

And, the errand did--not--go--well. Despite our best parenting efforts...the children won. 

I came home tired and grumpy...silent, but visibly frustrated by our discouraging and very non-productive experience out of the house with two small children. I walked from room to room, picking up this & that and tidying here & there. I saw messes that I had no idea when I'd be able to address. My annoyance with the clutter and with the day grew.

I bent down to pick up a few stray alphabet refrigerator magnets, that I knew had been lying on the kitchen floor for days. 

I'd better get these, I thought. No one else will. 
Does anyone else even see the mess? What's the point? Why do I bother? 

My attitude was poor; my spirit was weary.

"Thank you, Mommy."

What did she just say? Surely she can't have noticed. There's no way she's thanking me for this.

"Thank you for what, Emerson?"

"Thank you, for picking up my magnets off the floor.... You're having a rough day, huh?"

She noticed. My efforts, my mood.... Oh, wow. ... Wow.

And then, the tears began. She had seen, and genuinely affirmed me in the most precious way.

By her comment, through the innocent eyes of a child, the Lord was speaking.

I see you. I notice. And your work matters. 

I heard Him. 

I realized that it most certainly did matter. That my work is noticed and appreciated and valued, even when it doesn't feel that way. And that, as much as I value serving my family, I am ultimately working for the Lord.

23 Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters,   24 since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. 
It is the Lord Christ you are serving.
Colossians 3: 23-24

My attitude changed. I stopped tidying. I tearfully went to her & hugged her & held her. Tightly. 

"I love you, Emerson."

"I love you more, Mommy."

"Not possible, Little One.... Not possible."