Monday, February 15, 2010

Love Like Crazy

I've been a married woman for half of a year. (Seriously? How did that happen?!)

This "newlywed-phase" continues to be such fun. I can only hope that the next six months are as full of excitement and memory-making as the last six have been. I have a feeling that they will be.

I recently discovered a new song on Pandora, and I can't get enough. I like to think that it describes quite nicely the kind of attitude that Bobby and I try to have toward each other and our young marriage. In any case, it always makes me think of him, it reminds me to give him my best, and it paints a great picture of what I imagine our lives will look like as the years go by. You can't beat that. (Listen to it here.)

Thanks for six great months, Bobby. I love you like crazy.