Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brennan: Five Months

March 2, 2015

  • You are wearing 6 month clothes...though these days are numbered. You're a growing girl!
  • You are rolling over quite easily these days, though never front to back. From your back, you can roll over to your tummy with no trouble, but then you decide that you're "stuck" and get frustrated quickly by your inability to turn over again.
  • The frequency of your eating has definitely declined. You nurse a few times each day, but you're usually able to stretch to a few hours at a time between feedings, and you're definitely not spitting-up as much as you were.
  • You seem to need a late-afternoon snooze to get you through the evening. After that 30-45 minute nap around 4:00 p.m., you're usually able to make it through the activity of the evening until bedtime prep begins around 7:30 p.m.
  • You've begun noticing toys, really playing with a few favorites these days. Sophie the Giraffe is  one of those favorites, and you enjoy the little stuffed tiger, too, and sucking on his nose.
  • The "Jenny Jump-Up" has been a lot of fun for you! You so enjoy being upright, and really move around quite a bit! We've all noticed that it seems that you get more enjoyment out of it than Emerson did. You really get going!
  • You've started to notice Royal walking around, and have made a few attempts at grabbing his tail. You certainly watch him closely when he's in the vicinity.
  • You're starting to seem to need Mommy to be close-by. Often, if I walk away, you'll fuss. Interestingly enough, though, if Emerson is close-by, having her around satisfies you, too. She's a comfort for you, that big sister of yours! 
  • Your hair is definitely continuing to lighten. It appears you'll be another blonde beauty. 
  • You've begun trying to sit on your own a few times. You enjoy the effort, and only need minimal assistance to keep you from falling backwards.
  • I think you look like Daddy, and see the resemblance multiple times a day. I'm curious to see how that resemblance changes (grows? weakens?) over time.
  • You are babbling nonstop, enjoying the new sounds of your own voice. You want to talk just like the rest of us do! 
  • Chewing on Mommy's chin and nose is a precious habit of yours that I just love. It's as though you're giving kisses, showing affection as you are able. Other times it seems that you're trying to tell me that you're hungry...either way, it's cute.
  • Your eyes seem so bright these days...lit with such happiness and joy at the world and the people around you!
  • You are definitely watching us eat our food lately, showing interest in this "food" we all enjoy so much. You are getting so close to eating it yourself! 
  • Emerson can make you belly laugh like no one else can. It's the most precious sound, and truly, no one else makes you laugh so hard. You both get such pleasure out of playing together. She loves to make you laugh, and is so anxious to play with you in other ways. 
  • You're looking longer lately...probably a growth spurt!

Brennan, you are the perfect fit for our family...
and we love that you are a part of it.
It brings me such joy to be your mommy. And, I just love watching you grow. 
What will you do next?!
I love you, precious.