Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Worth Repeating / 09

June 2016


"Brennan has a stinky diaper. That's her scent-marker, so I know she's around."


Emerson: "How do you like my art, isn't it nice?"
Mommy: "Yes..."
Emerson: "No, you have to be really impressed like 'Oh! Good job, Emerson!"


"This is my only dream come true."


Mommy: "Emerson, are we seeing the animals or going to the playground?"
Emerson: "Either both. If you want to see some animals and then go to the playground, that's fine with me."

July 2016


"You look good, Mom! I mean, not AS good as I'm gonna look, but...."


Looking at an old photo of Daddy:
Emerson: "What's he wearing?"
Mommy: "That's from a game, called Headbands. You try to guess what's on your head."
Emerson: "I would know really quickly, cause I would say 'card'".

August 2016


"I'm sorry your head hurts, Mommy. I'll pray for you tonight. ... Brennan doesn't care."


"It's your anniversary, be niiiiiice."

Mommy: "Do you want to come help me fix supper?"
Emerson: "No, cuddling with mama is more important."


Mommy: "In 2020...I'll be ready."
Emerson: "For what?"
Mommy: "The Olympics. What sport could mommy do?"
Emerson: "Maybe stunning (?), cause lure really fast. Or, swimming. Cause you like to swim. Or...commercials. You can be in the commercials."


Mommy: "That's called the circle of life. When animals die, they're eaten by other creatures."
Emerson: "Well, we don't get eaten, you know where we get to be.... Living with God and Jesus in heaven."

Going behind tree in yard:
"Mommy, I'm going to have a moment with God..."

"You're my best friend, Grandma."

"I feel badly about what I said. I'm sorry, Mommy...."


Singing to Mommy at bedtime:
"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Your birthday is over, you have to go to sleeeeeep. Happy birthday to you. See? I made it into a lullaby."

Monday, November 28, 2016

Worth Repeating / 08

March 2016


"I gotta tell you, I slept SO peacefully. Like, I didn't hear nobody. I was so tired."


"I saw this and I thought of you cause you're da best mommy in da world."


Watching Mary Poppins, "We'll start with raspberry ice, and then some cake and tea....":

"That's not very healthy. They must be having dessert."

Mommy: "I am so lucky to be your mommy."
Emerson: "And I love being your child. But I'm ready to grow up...."


Mommy: "Emerson, will you pick up that grape-something off of the floor?"
Emerson: "Stem. It's called a stem. Apples have stems...grapes have stems...."

Mommy: "Isn't it fun to think about what you might choose to do someday? You might in the band or be the twirler or play a sport or something else!"
Emerson: "Well, I really want to do both."


"When I was a baby I knew about God, cause I was still in His hands."


"I really wanted to watch tv before bed, but I got distracted by the iPad!"

April 2016


Handing Emerson Cream of Wheat, cautiously warning about temperature:
Mommy: "Careful, it's hot...."
Emerson: "That's why it's called hot cereal."


Emerson: "I'm thinking about Daddy."
Mommy: "You'll feel safer once he's home, won't you?"
Emerson: "Yeah." (Smiling, but fighting tears and emotional.) "He's super strong!"


Mommy: "Someday you may choose to ask Jesus to live in your heart forever."
Emerson: "Well, I think Jesus already lives in my heart."


"Dear Mommy, I love when you say 'I love you'. Or 'I love you, Brennan'. It doesn't really matter. But don't forget that I was your baby. Love, Emerson"

May 2016


Interrupting mid-prayer at bedtime:
"And pray about Jesus, that God sent Him to the world, and made it beautiful, and He washed our sins away."


"You're the best mommy in the world. God made you just the way I like you."


"And thank you, God, that you didn't put us on the earth by ourselves, but you gave us Jesus."

"Mommy, pray for my disobedience."


"Mommy, I love you. And I love when you read the Bible to me."

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Worth Repeating / 07

December 2015


"This is what Grandpa was talking about! Joy to the world!"

"No, Brennan, no! This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. Now I'm going somewhere that you can't find me."


"I'm not afraid because I trust in God. God, and David, beat the bad guys. He's the good guy. He's the King, of the Lord. He wants to live in our heart."


"Sorry I sleeped in your bed. I just wanted to be with you. I promise, tomorrow I'll sleep in my bed."


Mommy, feeling envious and lonely (and clearly, dramatic): "I don't have friends or an office party...."
Emerson: "Mom, I'll have a party with you."


"Well, he loves treats but a treat wouldn't fit in a present. Ooh! He could have a bear just like me!"


"Mom, why do you work so hard on things? Why do you have so much to do?"


Emerson: "Is it hard work being a mommy?"
Mommy: "Yes, but it's the very best kind of work. There's nothing I'd rather do."
Emerson: "Without you, I wouldn't be Emerson. Which, it is. Without you, I wouldn't be here!"


"This is the life. Fresh air, fresh van. I'm happy."


"Dear Je- I'm going to do it a little different.... Dear Jesus, I hope everything goes well in Bethlehem. We love you. In Jesus name, Amen."


Emerson, having a serious conversation with 'Siri', on Daddy's phone:
"I'm not Robert! I'm Emerson. E M E R S O N, Emerson."
"Why do giraffes have long necks? Why do elephants have long trunks?"
"Siri, do you have high heels?"


Emerson, regarding Brennan: "She has more energy than I do!"
Mommy: "Yeah, that's what happens when you get older. Now you know how Daddy and I feel!"
Emerson: "Yeah. Happy."


Calls Mom to room after bedtime:
"Today was a super great day. I just wanted to tell you that."

January 2016


Emerson: "Do you need company or privacy?"
Mommy: "Either one."
Emerson: "Well, I'll give you privacy cause I think that's the most kindest thing to do, so...."


"Mommy, you're just the sweetest mommy I've ever seen. You're not silly. You're not mad. You're just the sweetest mommy ever."

Talking about Heaven before bed....
Emerson: "Do you go on clouds? Or a rocket ship?"
Mommy: "We don't take a rocket ship. I don't understand it all, either. But, when we die, our soul...part of our heart and our mind...goes to be with God. Let's keep praying.... God, I pray that you'll continue to guide Emerson's heart and mind as she asks questions about You..."
Emerson: "No, I'll pray now.... Lord, we pray that I'll know how to get to heaven. In Jesus' name, Amen."


Putting on socks:
"No, I can do it all my myself. Cause I'm the big girl. I make the choices but you make the rules."


"My God is so great, so strong and so mighty.... Let's make that our prayer. (Singing at supper table) Amen."

"Thank you for making our supper. I don't really like quesadillas, but thank you for making them!"


Mommy: "We can cast our burdens on Jesus. That means, give God the things that worry us."
Emerson: "I want to do that right now. About giants, because I worry about them outside, too. Jesus, please help me not worry about giants anymore. Amen. Here you go, Jesus."
Mommy: "Doesn't that feel good?!"
Emerson, with a big smile: "Mm-hmm."

February 2016


"Is it on Neck-flix? I can't really say Neck-flix. It's kind of a hard word for children to say."


"Did you know that H2O is water?"


"I'm so glad when God made this church."


Mommy: "Look at the sky! It looks mysterious."
Emerson: "Yeah. And ominous."


Mommy: "Aren't you tired from all that exercise?"
Emerson: "No, cause remember God made us to keep going!"


"Brennan, I love you. And you say, 'I love Daddy.' I love you, Brennan."