Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Brennan: 12 Months

October 2, 2015

  • Putting finger in mouth while nursing
  • Personality, knowing glances and smiles
  • Uh-mmm
  • Done, again, woof woof, daddy, squirrel, dog, oww-guide (outside)
  • Little tantrums
  • Playing in Emerson's bed
  • Enjoying light switches
  • Shoes

Worth Repeating / 06

September 2015


Mommy: "We're on the highway!"
Emerson: "Actually, this is the low-way."


Emerson: "Where is the giraffe?"
Mommy: "What about your treasure box...?"
Emerson: "It's right there. That's not hard to find."


"You're mine."

Emerson: "What's wrong with Brennan?"
Mommy: "She doesn't want to go to bed...."
Emerson: "Yeah. But I do!"


Dear Santa
I love you.
I want a princess dress just like the big sister on Frozen.
Love, Emerson


Asking Emerson to leave Brennan's room:
"But there was llama drama in there. There's llama dramas everywhere.... Only one room has no llama drama so that's why I came in here."


Mommy: "That isn't a choice."
Emerson: "Yes it is. It's what I chose. So, it's a choice."


Daddy, singing: "You can't always get what you want, but you get what you need!"
Emerson: "And you don't complain!"


"I have a LOT of energy. Like, I have a really full tummy of energy. So I have to get it out by gymnast-icing! And then, I'll never play again."

"Grandma, now I want to be a bride... walking down the path... with a baby in my tummy."

Emerson: "Say, 'Emerson will come home in a little while. I will be be back in a little while. I'm going to be back in just a little while, Brennan.'"


"Look, Mom, I'm a flower starting to bloom!"

"The squirrel is gathering up food to store in the winter. And we need to store...in our heart. That's what the Bible tells us. To store in our heart!"

"I try what I can!"

"Is God a little God or a big God?"


"Does God have a wand?"


"You're tougher than that."

October 2015


"Mom, I'm glad you're putting makeup on, but you're here and Brennan is on the bathroom stool."


Mommy: "I haven't been able to find a ballet class for you yet."
Emerson: "Yeah, so I'll wait till I'm four.... Or maybe I could just buy you a new computer so you can find a three year old class."


"Dad, do you wanna go watch football while we eat our cereal? Cause, you really like football, and I do, too, so maybe we should!"


Mommy, regarding Daddy's search for a Halloween costume: "They don't have the wig he needs."
Emerson: "Well, he can go to Pinterest."

"God laughs at our jokes."


Emerson: "Mom, you know what you are?"
Mommy: "What?"
Emerson: "You're a sweet, loving mom."

November 2015


Mommy: "You won't always be a little girl. You'll grow into a woman."
Emerson: "Yeah! My brain will say 'I've had enough of this!'"

Mommy: "You know what sounds good? A nap."
Emerson: "Okay. Dad, can you handle us?"

Mommy: "Is your banana good?"
Emerson: "Yeah. Compliments to the chef."

Dear Santa,
I want an Elsa doll and an Anna doll and a pink dress, that is all I want.
Dear, Emerson


Mommy: "You're really working hard on that!"
Emerson: "It's what I do.... I'm master piecing."


"Everywhere I go, there is God. All around."


"It's snowing!!!!!!"

"You give me a lot to do. So, next time, you do my job for me."

Mommy: "Mommies get tired, too."
Emerson: "Sometimes. Not a lot of times."


"I was in my room, worshipping Jesus."