Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Worth Repeating / 03



"I want to have a new baby!!"


Mommy: "Is Royal a horse?"

Emerson: "No, he not a horse. ... He's a donkey. ... Now he's a dog."

(After attending a baby shower)
"There's a baby in my tummy. See my belly button? That's the baby. It will get bigger, and grow. ... First me have to be married."


"And Gawwww-dddd is 'da Lowwww-errrrrd."

"Goli-aff wanted to hurt God's people."


(Just waking up in bed)

"I love my mommy and my daddy."

(After Mommy and Daddy helped Emerson sit up in bed)

"Thank you, Mommy and Daddy. You're a great team. You're on the same team."


Emerson: "What's that on your face?"

Mommy: "Lotion. It helps my skin."
Emerson: "Holy moly."


(Emerson settling into our bed at 4:11 a.m.)

"Turn dat way so I don't feel your face breathing."

Emerson: "I smile at those pictures."
Mommy: "When I look at pictures of you, it makes me smile, too!"
Emerson: "Aww. That's sweet of you."

(Saying goodnight to Brennan)
Mommy: "Merry first Christmas!"
Emerson: "Happy New Year, Brennan."

Emerson: "Do you have that...little...bracelet I gave you?"
Mommy: "Always. It's my favorite gift. That was so special."
Emerson: (Smiling) "Okay."


Emerson: "Mommy! Daddy!"

Mommy: "Yes, Emerson?"
Emerson: "...What did you say, Mommy?"

"Daddy, I love you. And I love playing with you! But right now, I have to play with my rock collection."



(Brennan distracted from her nursing by Emerson)

"I don't think she wants to eat. I think she wants to look at me."


Mommy: "Do you hear Brennan? She was happy when you were in there with her and now she wonders 'where did my big sister go?'"
Emerson: "I'm coming, Brennan!"

"I love you, Mommy. Even when I like you. That will never change."

(Banging on window to scare squirrels)
Emerson: "They're not leaving. Hmmm. Why are they not cooperating? Why they not obeyin'? Maybe they just want to keep eating."


Mommy: "Look, Brennan, we're doing the potty dance!"

Emerson: "Brennan say, 'I don't know about this!'"


Mommy: "Emerson, hand me the napkin so we can wipe your face."

(Hands Mommy napkin; Mommy wipes Brennan's face.)
Emerson: "My face, or Brennan's face...?"


Emerson: "He meant hot chocolate, right?"

Mommy: "Yes, did Daddy say cocoa?"
Emerson: "Yes. Hot chocolate is hot cocoa. Cocoa IS chocolate!"


"Somebody colored in this book. Maybe a boy, or a girl, or Emeteh did...."


(Fishing for alphabet letters in the bathtub)

"What a fun day to catch fish.... I wish I was a real fisherman."


(Taking care of doll)

Emerson: "Say, 'can I hold your baby?'"
Mommy: "Can I hold your baby?"
Emerson: "No. She's crying, and I'm da mommy."

(Swiffering kitchen floor)
"Look mama, I'm cleaning this. Say, 'oh I'm so glad you're cleaning that'.'"


"I just woke up this morning and I said to myself 'hmm, maybe I can help'."

"Mommy, this is not a big problem, it's just a lil pob-lem."


Mommy: "It's going to get cold again."

Emerson: "Oh yeah? Why do you tell me...?"


Emerson: "When I'm bigger, I'll ride a bussss."

Mommy: "And where will the bus take you?"
Emerson: "To, a, a gool. And I will ask my fwenns, 'can I draw wiff you?' And day will say 'hmm, maybe you can draw wiff us!' And then we will go to the nuseum, and then I will come home, when I need to come home."


"Daddy, she doesn't need to be roughed up! Gentle, daddy. She's just a baby! Have to be fragile. She might break!"



Emerson: "You make a good supper mommy!"

Mommy: "Thanks, baby girl. I love making food for you."
Emerson: "You're a cooker!"


Mommy: "Did you get Jell-O?"

Emerson: "Yeah because you couldn't hear me!"


Mommy: "You tinkled in the potty? And you pulled your pants up? What a big girl!"

Emerson: "I didn't wipe, mommy. I didn't wipe. I just wiped on my dress."


"The ice was hitting the window last night and that was beary scary. But now, it turned to snow! That isn't scary!"

(Looking out the window at the snow that fell overnight)
"Ooh! Let's go out there!"
"Can we go out now?"
"I just want to get dressed for the day."
"Awww. Can I go out there??"


(6:48 a.m.) "Mommy, can I go outside?" 

(Playing in the snowy yard)
Mommy: "Are you alright?"
Emerson: "No! I'm not alright."
Mommy: "Why are you not alright?"
Emerson: "Because I'm cold!"

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