Friday, February 18, 2011

Beauty and the Best

Once upon a time...

Bobby surprised me last Saturday night with an early Valentine's to the evening's performance of a touring production of "Beauty and the Beast"! It was such a thoughtful gift, and so romantic, and we had the most wonderful time.

The performance was excellent, to say the least. The costuming, the set design, and the acting were all top-notch, and it was quite an impressive show. But, my favorite part of the night wasn't anything that happened on stage.

In likely the most recognizable part of the movie and musical, the Beast dances with Belle after their romantic dinner together. Belle is wearing a gorgeous yellow gown, and the pair dance across the ballroom floor as "Tale As Old As Time" is sung by dear old Mrs. Potts. As this scene was performed on Saturday night, I was immediately taken back to my childhood. I was struck by how powerfully the song and the scene played on my emotions, and made me feel like a young girl again. The sound of the live orchestra playing the score took me back to a time when, though I couldn't have expressed such feelings, I wanted to be like the Disney princesses, rescued by and in love with a handsome prince. That is the desire of our feminine hearts, after all, and Disney so masterfully creates and captures that magic in a way that speaks to it.

Listening to the song, I looked over at Bobby, the man who is most certainly my 'Prince Charming'. I realized in that moment what a special gift the evening really was. Because as Belle danced with the Beast, I was reminded again that I was sitting next to God's Best for me.

What a fun illustration of life's progression, as the song that helped me dream many years ago, reminds me now of the dreams that have come true.

...and they all lived happily ever after. 

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