Thursday, October 28, 2010

One Incredible Weekend: Part III

I'm still riding the high that was this past weekend. (Seriously, it was that great.) I think the past two posts have exhaustively covered the highlights of the trip. But, reflecting on the entire experience, I can't help but think about four elements of the weekend that helped make it so special.

The People :: We met and were surrounded by some really neat people throughout the weekend. Our  friends from the airport, yes, but also: the flight attendant who shook the hand of an elderly man wearing a Marines cap and thanked him ever so genuinely for his service...the man seated next to me on the plane who was ever so friendly and bantered with me throughout the flight...and, the dozen or so people at the airports that commented on our Mizzou gear and were excited about the big win. There are a lot of nice people in the world...and it makes all the difference!

The Time with Family :: This was the first "family" trip that we've taken together since Bobby has been a part of the picture...and it was absolutely wonderful. (True, my dear sister couldn't make the trip and that was a huge bummer. It would have been even better if she'd been around.) But, really, Bobby fits in so well with all of us, and is most certainly a dearly loved member of our family. It was really nice spending precious time with extended family, but also wonderful to be able to spend so much (quality) time together with my parents. It made me really excited for family vacations to come, with husbands and little ones along. This new chapter of family life is a fun one, and I'm looking forward to all of us going on more adventures together!

The Joy of Being a MIZZOU Alumni :: I am very proud to be a Mizzou alum, and never more so than I was on Saturday. It was a blast to cheer on the football team in a huge game (vs. OU!), and feel the pride of being a Tiger! (We don't always get to be cheering for the winning team as Missouri sports fans...but I think we could get used to it.) We danced to "Eye of the Tiger" and watched the score on Bobby's phone at the wedding, gave high-fives with every touchdown back at the hotel, and responded with a couple of "Z-O-U"'s to well-wishers at the airport. Wearing an MU sweatshirt in Virginia and Georgia suggests "I'm not from around here" (in a cool sort of way)...and that's kind of fun! I felt like a rockstar at the airport, really, sporting my Mizzou gear. (I know, I know...operative phrase being "felt like".) Oh, and don't you know it made Bobby's day when the flight attendant asked if he was "ON THE MIZZOU FOOTBALL TEAM" when we boarded the plane?! That's how spirited (and athletic) he looked! (I was proud of him...he said "no".) Anyway, there are a lot of Tiger fans out there, and it was fun representing the Zou away from home.

The Benefit of A Long Weekend Getaway :: Bobby and I have been fortunate enough to take two tropical, weeklong vacations...which, don't get me wrong, were amazing trips. A week in a tropical paradise is, well, amazing! But, this trip was such a nice reminder that taking a long weekend getaway can be completely refreshing, too!  (For someone who lives in the landlocked Midwest, seeing the ocean always does a body good!) Sure, when you pay for a costly flight, it makes sense to stay at your destination for a while. But, when that isn't feasible, just a couple of days away from the "every day" can really boost one's spirit and go a long way in reminding you that there is a lot of world out there to be explored...and that you can choose to be grateful for the little corner of it that you enjoy every day.

And so concludes what unexpectedly became a three-part narrative of one incredible weekend.

That it was.

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