Monday, October 25, 2010

One Incredible Weekend: Part I

You know those days that are so great that you just don't want them to end?! This past Saturday was most certainly one of those days for me. Actually, the entire weekend was pretty stinkin' great.

Bobby and I got to spend Thursday evening with Morgan and Brandon (who were in St. Louis for a wedding this weekend), complete with dinner, apple pie, and board game fun. It's always a blast with those two, and I'm so looking forward to many, many more fun evenings together once we're living in the same city. (Although, I will miss having them as overnight guests. But, Morgan says we can still have slumber parties. And, I'm going to hold her to that.) Their visit was a great way to get the weekend started, and I'm so glad they made the trip a bit early to hang out.

On Friday morning, Bobby and I flew to Atlanta. We discovered that day that I may have lost a bit of my travel know-how. Forgetting to take off my shoes at security..."Strike #1", Bobby said. Directing us to the wrong gate, "Strike #2". Choosing terrible seats on the plane, "Strike #3". (By the end of the trip, I think we were at "Strike 8" or so. Go figure.) Bobby gave me quite a bit of grief for all those issues, since I generally consider myself to be quite savvy at airports. (I think I must just be better at international travel. I'd better stick with that....) Anyway, somehow we managed to get ourselves to Atlanta, where we met up with my parents!

We all settled in for a long afternoon layover at the airport, and at some point we started chatting with the couple sitting across from us. John and Dinah had also flown in from St. Louis and were "enjoying" the long layover just like us on our way to Virginia. Time flew by while we visited with them! Their stories about their dogs, country living, and newlywed life were entertaining and we all just clicked! They had the sweetest story about how they met (online!) and fell in love, and it was so fun to listen to them. We learned they were Christians and I think it was, for all of us, a really neat thing to be able to so easily connect with complete strangers and know we all loved the Lord. I was bummed to end our conversation (though I was glad to finally be boarding the plane), and I'm still kicking myself for not getting John's business card. (They breed Golden Retrievers, and I would seriously love to get a puppy one of these days. Oh, well.) Anyway, we ran into them again at the Enterprise rental counter at the Newport News airport, and I think we were all a little sad to part ways. You just never know who God will put in your path, do you? They were a blessing.

And then, there was a trip to the beach and a wedding and a Mizzou game. The End.

Oh, if I could possibly not elaborate any more than that on those stories.... But, I am running the risk of this becoming a post that is far too lengthy for even my most dedicated two readers (Mom and Dad) to enjoy. So, I'll post more from our incredible weekend later. Stay tuned!

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