Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feelin' The Love

Last Valentine's Day, Bobby and I were anxiously waiting to open the envelope on the mantel and learn the gender of our baby on the way. That night, when we learned we were having a daughter, I knew our world would be full of "sugar and spice" and everything pink, and I was overjoyed.

Presents for Emerson on the mantel this year!

What I didn't (couldn't!) know, however, was the unique & incredible love we'd feel for our sweet Emerson Blair. A love unlike any other than I'd known before. A love that began the moment I met her, and a love that's grown ever since.

Bobby and I are celebrating our tenth Valentine's Day today. This year, I am aware of my loving him differently...better...than before. I have the benefit & joy now of seeing him as a father, of recognizing his love for our little girl, and for appreciating how he loves both of us so well.

Basically, this year, I'm feelin' the love!

Love as a parent...feeling a love that just is, and increases every day.

Love as a wife...feeling loved, choosing and nurturing love for my husband, and constantly learning what that means as we grow in our new roles as "Mom and Dad".

Love as a child of God...feeling and understanding the depth of a Father's love, and recognizing how incomparable His great, great love truly is.

My heart is full!

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