Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Snow Day

The life of a stay-at-home mom is relatively flexible, unstructured in the sense that there are no bosses to report to or business deadlines to meet. (While one might be inclined to insert the adjective "relaxed" in this job description, that would be oh, so very misguided and unfortunate.

I do have the benefit of lingering over my morning coffee, perusing a magazine while my baby explores toys next to me, and should she decide to nap, I have the chance to catch a few afternoon zzz's myself. (To be clear, my "lingering" is done while Emerson and I play, my "perusing" is done only by glancing at a page here & a page there, and my afternoon snoozes are a rarity...because so are Emerson's naps.) Of course, my "office hours" are all twenty-four each day, and it is very much "work" in every sense of the word. 

(I shall avoid a stay-at-home vs. working mother diatribe here as those are hardly productive. The roles are very different, to be sure, and I doubt quite highly that--without having experienced both--a mother in one position could truly understand the trials associated with a mom in the other.)

Although my wardrobe of sweatpants may lead you to believe otherwise, I do try very diligently to make each day a productive one, for Emerson's benefit and for the maintenance of our household. There are obvious chores to do, of course, and other projects I find (or create) for myself to do, as well. The point days are full...often busy & frequently productive. (To be clear again, a great many of my days are none of those things...and the lack of activity and lack of adult company brings about its own mental challenges.)

As I write this, icy sleet is hitting the windows and I'm looking at the backyard, with its ice-covered grass blades and icicles hanging from the rooftop. Today is shaping up to be a perfectly wintery day, and I have the blessing of being cozy inside with Emerson.*

And today, I'm giving myself permission to relax. To be productive if I want to be, but not because I feel like I need to get anything done other than cuddling with my daughter. I'm going to give myself the  "snow day" that many of my friends are enjoying, and I'm going to do my best to guiltlessly enjoy the slow-pace and the quiet. Emerson and I are going to do little more than snuggle, play, and admire the beauty of the winter wonderland from the warmth of our living room.

Because stay-at-home mommies need a snow day every now and then, too. 

*I have this blessing because of a husband who woke up this morning and went to the office with not a hint of complaint about his task. I know he would've enjoyed a snow day, too, and I'm so very grateful for his willingness to serve our family, even on days such as these. What a good man.

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