Monday, February 25, 2013

27 Candles

What a lovely weekend we just enjoyed! Bobby's 27th birthday was yesterday, and the past two days were full of celebration for the wonderful blessing that his life is. 

On Saturday night, we had dinner at a Japanese steakhouse with Bobby's family, and Emerson had her first taste of hibachi. (Figuratively-speaking, of course.) She and the chef found each other quite entertaining, and for one of her first restaurant experiences, it was certainly a success.

After dinner, the family came over to our house for cake & ice cream & the Mizzou basketball game. The game didn't end well...but, let's talk about this cake for a moment, shall we?

My mom discovered this recipe on Pinterest over the summer and fixed it for her birthday in July. (I'm a bit embarrassed that she had to do such a thing. Baking your own birthday cake just seems wrong. But, to be fair, I had just delivered Emerson ten days earlier and was in no condition to spend time in the kitchen. Goodness, July was a blur!) This is a three-layer chocolate cake, with a middle layer of brownie, covered in chocolate icing, with chocolate chips throughout. Anyone who loves chocolate...or is a human being...really ought to try it. Needless to say, it made an impression on Bobby in July and was his request for his birthday cake this year. I'm happy to report that he didn't have to make it himself.

For Bobby's birthday on Sunday, we watched a church service at home, ate lunch at Hong Kong Inn, went clothes-shopping for the birthday boy (largely unsuccessfully, I'm afraid), stopped for a coffee treat at the Mudhouse, and ended the day with a steak dinner at my parents' house...with more of that sinfully-delicous chocolate cake for dessert. 

Bobby's 25th birthday included a surprise party. So, I was a bit surprised myself when he said last night that "this birthday was the best yet". His explanation? "Emerson wasn't here before." He has a point.

Bobby's first birthday as a daddy was a special one, and I think 27 is going to suit him just fine.

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  1. I'm just really impressed that you've pulled off a surprise party AND a birthday with a baby! J's birthday is on Sunday (our men & their winter birthdays...) & I'm struggling to pull together, oh you know, a CAKE.

    Happy 27th to Bobby & here's to the first of many birthday cake photos with a baby in his arms ;)