Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It Had to Go

During this past weekend's cleaning spree, we removed the tri-fold doors in each of the guest bedrooms, which was, in my opinion, major progress in making the spaces feel more open and less dingy. We also took down lots of wood shelving and cabinetry, which also helped to lighten the feel of the place. Progress!

However, my favorite project in the modernizing effort thus far has been the removal of the stained glass panel in the guest bathroom. 

Not to say that stained glass isn't beautiful, but, well, I just wasn't loving it in this bathroom. Ever since the first day we toured the home, I knew it had to go. And, as Bobby would confirm, I've been very anxious to get it done.

So on Sunday afternoon, thanks to the muscle and know-how of Bobby and his brother, we made it happen.

But, she didn't go down without a fight....

Thanks to super-long screws coming and going from three or four different directions, plus the difficulty in getting to said screws...well, let's just say that the project wasn't without a fair amount of frustration. But, the guys persevered, and a crack in the ceiling was the only casualty. Oops.

Finding myself unable to assist with this project, I had to find something to do to entertain myself keep myself busy while it was taking place. So, I may or may not have started de-wallpapering the room. (The first layer, that is. Yikes.) As as result, the guest bathroom is perhaps becoming one of our more pressing projects.... It happens.

In any case, I'm oh, so happy to report that the stained glass in the bathroom is no more. (I'm also pleased to report that it was removed without breaking and is salvageable. I'm sure someone will find a nice use for it!)

Now, doesn't that look much nicer? I certainly think so!

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