Tuesday, April 12, 2011

"Cleaning Day"

My parents had the fantastic idea of having an organized "Cleaning Day" to help Bobby and me with the initial work that comes from purchasing a home. So, this past Saturday, we did just that!

And what a great day it was.

Grandma and Mom brought over delicious breakfast casseroles for all of us to enjoy, and we got right to work! (As did the sellers, who had arranged to stop by that morning to pick up lots of belongings that they hadn't removed before closing. Long story...but it all worked out.) Together with our families (I believe there were 10 of us?), we spent the day disinfecting, weeding, organizing...the works. And the place already looks vastly improved.

Grandpa did some work in the garden and discovered our very first harvest...a lone asparagus! (The first of many, I hope!)

On top of many, many other projects, Bobby cleaned and emptied out one of our two storage sheds.

My dad weeded a flower bed, and discovered a rock border that we hadn't known existed. Bobby's stepmom cleaned out a fountain in the yard that needed serious attention, and his dad power-washed the deck and walkway.

My mom scrubbed the bathroom top-to-bottom, and cut liners with our grandmas for the kitchen cabinets. My sister, Rachel, and I removed dated wall shelves and cabinetry left-and-right. (I discovered during that time that she is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to removing screw anchors from the walls. The girl doesn't mess around.)

On Sunday, we continued the fun (really, it was fun!) with Bobby's brother, Joey, and his grandma. Bobby mowed his very own lawn for the first time with his brand-new mower (it seemed like a critical purchase), and Joey used the Weed-Eater all over the property. We all spread mulch around the backyard trees and flower beds, and spent lots of the time in the yard weeding. Another productive day!

Thank the Lord for our families. We owe a BIG THANKS to every one of them for volunteering their weekend time to work with us...and to Grandma and Mom for making sure we didn't go hungry! We can't wait to enjoy our now freshly-cleaned home and weed-free less-weedy yard with you in the days ahead! (Bobby's itching to buy that new grill, so you know what means...!)


  1. Oh my goodness - when can they come by my cottage and help me? :) It looks like you got a lot accomplished!

  2. Oh, I know! We all joked that we needed to just rotate houses every weekend for a month...we could all get a lot done that way! :)

  3. Yay! Congrats...love the house. Can't wait to see more pictures.