Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buried Treasure

In the midst of doing again this morning what has quickly become my least-favorite hobby...that is, wallpaper removal...I discovered a little surprise under the guest room border.

I sent a photo of my find to Bobby, with a caption that included: "No, we can't keep it." Truthfully, it was such a vast improvement from the layer above it that I considered for a brief moment the possibility of it staying. (Yes, that's how tired I am of removing wallpaper.) But then the moment passed, and of course, off it went. ("Off it went" makes it sound like it didn't put up a fight. Oh, it did. And won, actually. The room is only halfway done. I couldn't take it anymore.)

That second layer was unexpected, though it shouldn't have been. (Every other room tackled thus far has had at least two layers of paper to deal with. Lovely, I know.) Although I was a bit disheartened to discover another layer, it made me smile to think about the little boy (we'll assume it was a boy) who must have once called that room 'his'. I'll bet he loved his sports-themed room!

This was the first hint of any previous resident of the home besides the elderly woman who lived there before us, though I know there were several before her. It was fun to feel as though I was uncovering a piece of the house's history, and I'm curious to see what else we'll find as time goes by.

I'm sure we'll leave our own mark on the house, for future residents to remove enjoy discovering. But one thing is for certain...that "mark" will not be in the form of wallpaper.

Goodness, that's awful stuff.

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