Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minnesota Marriage

We spent the past weekend in snowy Minnesota for Ashley's wedding! There aren't many people that I would travel to MN for in January, and Ashley is one of

It was painfully cold up there, and to be honest, I didn't care for it. I can safely say that I will never move to choice, anyway. I am so impressed that people do choose to live there, and that they are able to deal with the weather as well as they do. (A native Minnesotan at one point referred to the piles of snow on the ground as a "dusting". HA!) Anyway, it was 9 degrees on Ashley's wedding day, and I applaud her for being so bold and so brave as to get married (in a strapless dress, mind you!) during one of the coldest months of the year. What a woman!

In all seriousness, though, the wedding was breathtaking. Ashley was radiant, and had an absolutely perpetual smile! She was stunning and her entire day was truly magical. I'm so, so thankful we made the trip. I couldn't imagine not being there for her big day!

Weddings are such fun, and this one all the more so because so many elements of Matt and Ashley's celebration reminded me of my own!

It's impossible for me to be at a wedding, surrounded by such love and anticipation, without reflecting on the day I married my groom.

What a blessing to share in a friend's joy, a new bride...while at the same time being reminded of, and motivated & encouraged by, the love I share and enjoy with Bobby as his bride. It is so very special to celebrate a new marriage, knowing from experience how completely incredible marriage can be. Experiencing that firsthand makes me all the more thrilled for the new and wonderful things ahead for her, and all the more thankful for my husband...and the wonderful things ahead for us.

The true heart of a wife [is the] preciousest gift 
that man hath in this world. 
--William Tyndale on the Seventh Commandment--

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