Friday, December 31, 2010

A Perfect '10

The fun thing about blogging on a semi-regular basis is being able to easily reflect on feelings from the past year as I start to look forward to the next one. This time last year, I was more than a little bit apprehensive to move on to a new year! 2009 was just so great. But, as I said then, "life just keeps happening, doesn't it?!" I'm so glad it does (and that I chose to embrace it!), because 2010 was a special year, too....

Things I was looking forward to in 2010, as noted in my New Year's Eve post, 2009:

· Celebrating our 1st married Valentine’s Day, and our sixth anniversary of “togetherness”
· Celebrating our 24th birthdays
· Trips to Springfield
· Summer in St. Louis
· Visits from loved ones to our home
· Becoming involved at our new church 
(Other than Sunday services, we never really got involved. It is what it is.)
· Hearing about friends’ wedding planning
· A trip to Minnesota 
(Bummer that never happened. But, we're starting 2011 with a trip there! So, that's good.)
· Kelsey’s wedding
· A vacation to somewhere (...MEXICO! And it was grand.)
· Celebrating our first anniversary!

After having been reminded again & again this year about God's habit 
of keeping my nature to make plans in check, I'm planning (ha!) to 
go into 2011 with the expectation that the year will bring events 
and occasions that I haven't counted on! (And, vice-versa.) With that 
in mind, here are the things I'm looking forward to in 2011!

- Matt & Ashley's wedding 
- John & Natalie's wedding
- Brice & Rachel's wedding (noticing a theme here?)
- Mike & Rochelle's wedding
- Brandon & Morgan's wedding
- All wedding-related planning and festivities
- Rachel's graduation & bridal shower
- The birth of Matt & Melissa's baby
- Enjoying the social/familial benefits of being home
- Discovering what our involvement in a Springfield church looks like
- Celebrating our 25th birthdays
- Celebrating our 2-year anniversary
- Traveling? Perhaps? (Although I'm not expecting a tropical vaca this year...I mean, seriously, have you seen the preceding list?! Oh, and see below!)

And, the big ticket items...

Buying a house (!!!)
- Moving more closely toward starting a family (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
(Notice how vague and non-committal that is. Like that?)

I must admit, I feel a wee bit tired already! Ha. But, truly, with 
that much to look forward to in 2011, how could I not be excited to ring in the new year?! (I 
mean, it could rival the fun of 2009. Not that it's a competition or anything. I'm completely 
happy to have so many joyful years to enjoy....)

"Little moments", "everyday love" much joy and laughter to make 
our years great. 

Here's to another wonderful one! 

Celebrating New Year's 2008.

Oh my goodness, I'm so frustrated with the formatting of this post! I have spent more time trying to fix it than
anyone should, especially on NYE. 
So, my apologies. But, life's too short, you know?!

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  1. Holy cow, maybe you should buy stock in David's Bridal! And I like this post. While I should be updating my own blog since I'm WAY behind, I do belive I might steal this idea of good things in the past and stuff to look forward to in the new year. Someone once told me that when someone copies you it is the best feel loved.