Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Oh, Deer.

There's nothing quite like passing by a recently-struck-by-a-truck-&-paralyzed deer sitting in the middle of the highway to (momentarily) dampen your Christmas spirit. I know this because that's exactly what happened last night. While driving home from my parents' house, after a lovely evening of apple pie and "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", Bobby and I drove past the aforementioned scene. It wasn't pretty. (Although, it was sort of a "Christmas Vacation"-type situation, the more I think about it....)

A neighbor was by the road, ready to assist the driver whose truck had been quite damaged from the incident. We stopped briefly to make sure everyone was okay and to be sure that they had help on the way. As we drove past, Bobby quickly turned the volume of the Christmas carol on the radio way up, and in the back of my mind I think I knew what he was doing. He confirmed my suspicion shortly after by saying that, yes, as we were driving away he saw that the driver was pulling out a rifle to put the deer out of his misery.

(Which, I should mention, was quite the clear reminder that we are not living in the big city anymore! I'm sure some St. Louisans carry firearms...but keeping one at the ready in the back of the truck should the need arise to kill injured animals roadside? I suspect not.)

Of course it was the compassionate thing to do, albeit thoroughly disheartening to think about the poor animal who I'd seen living seconds before being killed. (Not to mention that I was thinking of him more as "Rudolph" than "Bambi" being that it is the week of Christmas, but I'm trying to ignore that comparison.)

Post-spending time with my family, it wasn't a great night; it wasn't a great night for the reindeer regular-deer, either. But, if there is a bright spot to be gleaned from the scenario, it's recognizing Bobby's act of love in protecting me from hearing a gunshot. He knows me well enough to know that it would have been a potentially-upsetting sound. It was a small gesture, but oh, so sweet, and quite appreciated. It was as if his instinctual desire to protect kicked in, and I couldn't help but imagine him doing such a thing if we'd had little ones in the car. It made me think again about what an incredible dad he'll be someday. He's already an incredible husband.

I love you deerly..."Sparky".

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