Friday, November 12, 2010


The packing process is underway, and so far I've discovered that...
  • I apparently collect scarves, as I have far too many for any one person. I will be purging my winter accessories when I unpack them. (Mark my words, Bobby!)
  • We have p-lenty of hoodies and sweatshirts. And, because I am sentimentally-attached to (almost) all of them (MIZZOU!), I will be keeping my collection. BUT, we must not accumulate any more sweatshirts any time soon. No need.
  • I should have gone through the bedroom closet a long time ago. It is SO ORGANIZED NOW, and so refreshing to see it that way every time I open the door! 
  • It truly is amazing how much stuff we've managed to fit into this 683 square foot apartment! I'm kind of impressed, actually. Every nook and cranny has been utilized to hide our belongings...and it's a bit of a treasure hunt to see what has been hidden in small places for the past year! 
There is much packing yet to be done, and because we have weekend company coming (yay, John and Natalie!), I've tried to keep some semblance of a household and am avoiding piling boxes...too high. With that said, next week is GAME ON...and I'm kind of really excited about it. 

I hope that packing/moving/unpacking is not something that Bobby and I have to do too many more times, but there is something to be said for the organization, deep cleaning, and sense of achievement that comes as a result. (I guess that's why, for the non-movers, they invented 'Spring Cleaning', huh? Good thinking.)

Happy Friday!

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