Saturday, November 6, 2010

Big News!

Morgan called me the night when she got her first kiss;
I was happy for her then.

Today, she called me to say that she got ENGAGED;
I'm ecstatic for her now!!!

Morgan and I have known each other for around 12 years, and our friendship has grown ever since we first met. We shared high school together, and all of the happiness & laughter, frustration & tears that those four years entailed. We encouraged each other throughout college, and though time together was infrequent during those years, I knew she was only a phone call...or a Facebook message...away. Our coffee and breakfast dates helped us stay in touch, and I cherish those times together. We've grown as individuals through the years, and our understanding of each other and our deep-rooted friendship has, too. It's a blessing.

My best friend is getting married. It is entirely surreal, and although the timing was somewhat unexpected, the engagement itself is not at all surprising. Morgan and Brandon have dated for over six years, and anyone who knows the two of them at all can tell that they are a great pair, perfectly matched and exactly 'right' for one another. Bobby and I have increasingly been able to spend time with them, and we always have a blast together. They are a joy to be around because it's obvious how much they enjoy being around each other, and I know there are many more memories to be made by the four of us.

I could not have chosen anyone better suited to marry my dearest friend....

It will be a joy to see them both in a few weeks, to give each of them a hug, and to see that one-of-a-kind ring on Morgan's finger in person. (Thanks to FaceTime on the iPhone I got a first glimpse. Technology is so impressive.) I am beyond excited. And then, what fun it will be to watch the wedding plans unfold! (Add that to the growing list of reasons why I am thrilled to be moving home...yay!) Morgan's sense of style and her taste in fashion is unparalleled and I am oh, so excited to hear about what she plans for their big day. I am absolutely certain that her wedding will be every bit as stylish and fun as she is! (As they both are!)

Next year is full of weddings for our closest friends, and Bobby and I cannot wait to help them all celebrate. But, I know that the Weatherford/Goodwin wedding will be one that I look forward to all best friend's wedding! Wow.

Morgan has been around for my "big" moments. She stood beside me in line for dance tickets the day I met Bobby, and she stood beside me the day I married him. She is a once-in-a-lifetime friend, and this "big" moment of hers is one that I readily celebrate with her. This is a chapter in the story of our friendship that I have been waiting for...celebrating her engagement to the man of her dreams, and watching as she prepares to become his wife. What fun this will be!

Congratulations to the future 
Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin! 

You both deserve the very best,
and I know you've found that in each other.

(P.S. I stole your photo. Had to choose one I knew you would like!)

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  1. oh this is so sweet. i'm adding it to my ever-growing collection of blessings from this oh-so momentous occasion! :) what a treasure.