Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Nuisance

The ice cream man has been driving around the apartment complex and surrounding area for the last 30 minutes, maybe longer. I heard that awful “music” blaring from his speakers when I pulled into the parking lot…half an hour ago. Who knows how long he’d been going before then?

Apparently “Do Your Ears Hang Low?” is the only song in the repertoire, and I can’t take much more of it. That is NOT a song I’d choose to listen to anyway, and certainly not after a busy day at work. (I should mention, as well, that being inside has not provided escape from the sound. The noise is infectious and has made its way indoors.)

Bobby says I’m being a “Grinch”. Today was a long day, and I have a headache, and perhaps I’m a bit irritable. I’ll admit it. (He asked if I got us some ice cream…I said no, I was trying to get the guy’s license plates. Really, I was.)

I cannot come home to that incessant noise all summer long. (Much less listen to it for half an hour or more.) And, I truly suspect that this very well could be the start of an all summer long pattern. I know this because I remember that awful tune playing on a regular basis at the end of last summer when we moved here. I went so far then as to look up what I’m sure was the same company online and e-mail a complaint. (That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me well.) I’m not sure it did much to solve the problem. Although I don’t remember the truck being around much after that, ice cream season was on the way out at that point…. And, the truck IS back now, after all.

Perhaps I am overreacting. I just don’t have much tolerance for nuisances…especially those that get in the way of my enjoying restful evenings at home.

I think I need a bowl of ice cream.

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