Sunday, November 15, 2009

A "Big" Moment!

Yesterday morning, I got a call from one of my best friends.
She had big news; she’s ENGAGED!

Ashley is a dear friend, and the closest friend that I have ever had to be in this position. I cannot express how thrilled I am for her and for her fiancé (!!!), Matt. Her phone call brought tears to my eyes, both out of excitement for her, and because of the memories that her experience brought back of my own engagement. This is such a special time of celebration for her. I clearly remember the indescribable joy and anticipation that I felt at this time one year ago. I could not be happier that she gets to experience that.

I have not been this excited in a long time. Certainly not since my own wedding! And, to be truthful, I think it’s been a far longer time that I’ve felt such sincere and overwhelming excitement for someone else.

Bobby and I have had our “big” moments for a while. We got engaged. We got married. We moved to a new city. We got new jobs. We are settling into our “new” life together. It’s easy to imagine what our next “big” moments might be. We’ll buy a house. We’ll have a baby…okay, make that plural…babies.

But, it’s not time for those things yet. Which has made me, a “keep going”, “move on to the next thing” type-girl, a little uncertain about this in-between phase of our lives.

Ashley’s engagement news brought such joy to my day, and while I was dancing around the apartment yesterday morning in excitement (really, I did), I realized that this is an example of the next “big” moment…and it’s not mine. And, that’s more than okay!

It became clear somewhere in the middle of listening to “My Girl” and “Just the Way You Look Tonight”, that this in-between time for Bobby and I will be time spent celebrating some “big” moments for our best friends. It’s their turn! And, you can bet that we will be happily celebrating with each of them as they enjoy all of the fun and joy that comes with their engagements, their weddings, their jobs, and their marriages…just as they have in celebrating ours.

Congratulations, to the future Mr. and Mrs. Tramm!

May the months ahead be full of much joy and much celebration of these big moments of yours!

Ashley and I at my wedding. What a beautiful bride SHE will be!

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