Saturday, November 14, 2009

"No-Shave November"

Bobby is (as many men these days seem to be) participating in “No-Shave November”, an unofficial month-long “celebration”, undoubtedly created by a significant other-less male.

This is not the first time Bobby has recognized this seemingly national event. I’ve come to expect it, although for some reason, I must have imagined that marriage would change his desire to participate.

I thought wrong, and I really should have known better.

Bobby is fourteen days into growing what has the potential to be another awe-inspiring beard/mustache combo. I’ve seen what that facial hair can do when left unattended. One can’t help but be impressed! I don’t blame him for wanting to show it off…or, for finding an excuse to avoid the bothersome task of shaving.

As Bobby pointed out the other day (in an effort to convince me that his hair growth was desirable), “a lot of great men have had beards at this point in their lives! My dad…your dad…me!” He’s got me there. (And, I’ll admit. It was kind of a handsome, rugged look…a couple weeks ago. Now, it’s just itchy.)

Recognizing “No-Shave November” in the Phillips household may be here to stay. I’ve only one option that may help to lessen its appeal. My strategy?


One of Bobby's most impressive hair growth efforts, from earlier this year.

(That man...gotta love him!)

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