Saturday, November 14, 2009


Two Fridays ago, I got my first “big girl” check. My first 40 hours a week (x 2), “I could actually do something significant with this amount of money” (“I could do something significant with the amount of money going to taxes….”), working-woman check. It felt good.

As I was driving home from work that night, I got teary-eyed, thinking about what a check like that could mean for so many families. Bobby and I already have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and a cozy bed to crawl into every night. We have transportation to work, and if we get sick, there is money in the bank to make sure that we’re taken care of. We both have jobs now, and we aren’t dependent on my paycheck. The reality is, that it’s just icing on the cake! Things could be a lot different; they are for a lot of people. We are blessed.

Of course, the money will come in handy for us, too. It already has! Last weekend we bought nightstands, lamps, and curtains for the bedroom, and it all looks great. Our apartment is slowly feeling more and more like home. Someday, we’ll be able to buy a house, and create another home of our own, because of saving checks like this one.

Still, I hope that I can always recognize all of the “icing” that we enjoy, appreciating the material extras in my life for the blessings that they truly are.

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