Friday, January 1, 2016

Three. (And a half.)

On this, Emerson's three-and-a-half-year-old birthday, it seems like as good a time as any to post the blog that I drafted, yet failed to post, on her actual third birthday. ('As good a time as any', except for when I actually meant for it to be posted, that is. Oh, well.)

Emerson Blair,

Tomorrow you will be three. THREE. It seems to suit you well. You've been so excited for your birthday, practicing holding up three fingers by pushing two of them down, so proud of yourself for figuring out how to make it happen.

I don't feel like I documented your time as a two year old very well...not as well as I would've liked, anyway. The truth is, you grew and changed so quickly, it was hard to keep up with everything you did and said. Emerson, "two-year-old you" was a delight. You have blossomed in the past year, and your personality is so beautiful.

You are growing in your affection, giving hugs and kisses and "I love you mama."
You ask thoughtful, intentional questions.
You are cautious and a study-er, taking time to familiarize yourself with situations and people before jumping in.
You are tender-hearted.
You are so very perceptive to situations and conversations.
Your vocabulary amazes me.
You are a natural big sister. You were from the first moment you met Brennan.

Right now, you love to pretend.
You love rhyming words and jokes and songs.
You love making up words and being silly.
You love to make your sister laugh (and you make her laugh more than anyone).
You love to dance in your room with your ballet slippers and lullaby CD.
You love to dig for worms in the front flower bed.
You want most of your drinks to have a "lid and a straw", that you want to bend yourself.
You want me to carry you to bed, after you've turned on your music by yourself, and we pray, have a drink of milk and water, and then a lullaby, and then I have to turn on your fan. You are a creature of habit. And, order.
You have your own dance, with your wrist waving by your head, eyes closed, and a little grin.
You love Friday movie night and "Veggie Tales". Our family dance parties have been a lot of fun to the Veggie Tales soundtrack.

I'm happy that you're growing up. Every year has just been more and more fun, and I cannot wait to get to know three-year-old you.


As it so happens, three-year-old Emerson is incredible. What a happy six months this has been been. The fun continues...!

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