Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Worth Repeating / 05

June 2015


"Mom, you're a good mom, Mom."

Emerson: "Mom, you're a good mom, to figure out what babies like to eat."
Mommy: "You know what I think? I think you'll be a good mommy someday."
Emerson: (smile) "And you'll be a good grandma."


"I don't really like girls very much but I like boys SO much."

Mommy: "You're doing a good job walking Royal."
Emerson: "Thank you. I just love to walk dogs."


Emerson: "Why aren't you feeding her?"
Mommy: "Well, I'm cutting the chicken and raw chicken has lots of germs, so I don't want to touch her food."
Emerson: "Well, you're not using your uh-ver hand."


Discussing dress shoes:
"I put them on to be faaaaaannncy enough, to be fancy for the day."

Emerson: "I didn't know I would be mommy."
Mommy: "Someday!"
Emerson: "And I didn't know you would be grandma."
Mommy: "Someday!"
Emerson: "But...who will be Emeh-teh?"


Mommy: "You did not eat much. Do you want some turkey?"
Emerson: "Or black beans?"
Mommy: "Yeah, that's a great choice! Do you want some black beans?"
Emerson: "Nope!"


"Can I have just a little bit of sprinkles now?"

"You're ruining my cake!"

"Thank you for your hard work for my party."

"And I love you for making my party so special."


"Mom, come look at the llama drama. Royal is with the llama drama. He's brave."

"It's fun that we have these stickers. Do you know what's more funner? You."


"Am I still three?"

July 2015


Mommy: "It's Mommy and Daddy's job to help you learn to be obedient."
Emerson: "Okayyyyy. I forgive you."


"No, don't eat the popcorn. It's only for Daddy and me."


"Let's do it my way."


"And we have to write a thank-you note for Daddy! Because he is so special to me. Not because he gave me a present, but because he loves me."


Mommy: (regarding Brennan playing nearby) "She's safe, Emerson."
Emerson: "I just don't want her to embarrass herself."

Mommy: (regarding cherry tomatoes from the garden) "Don't they taste like candy? It's so neat that God does that!"
Emerson: "Thank you, God, for the candy!"


Mommy: "Tomorrow is zoo class day!"
Emerson: "With you?!"
Mommy: "Yep!"
Emerson: "Oh, that just warms my heart."


Emerson: "Will you share your pancakes with me?"
Mommy: "Yes, babe."
Emerson: "Okay. Because, we share with our friends."

"She was so cute sleeping in her bed!" (talking about Brennan)


"Um, Mommy, one more thing. Can you give me a kiss and a hug, because we didn't do that."

Emerson: "I wish we had doughnuts."
Mommy: "Well, maybe in Florida we could have doughnuts."
Emerson: "Well, in Florida, we're going to have fish. So, probably not doughnuts because we're going to have fish."

August 2015


"I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I'm sleepy."


Emerson: "Isn't this fun, Rachel?"
Aunt Rachel: "Yeah, it is!"
Emerson: "This is what it's all about. Having fun at the beach. This is what it's all about. ... Burying people in sand. This is what it's all about."


Mommy: "What music do you want to listen to?"
Emerson: "I don't know. Just some of my favorite jams."


Mommy: "There's no place like home, is there? I think home is the best, do you?"
Emerson: "Yeah. But the beach is the really, really best."


"De-ah God, thank you for this day and help Daddy to be safe in Car-o-li-na and help me wear my orange and white striped dress and help Daddy come tomorrow, and bless our hearts, Amen."

"I just wanted to be snuggle as a bug in there."


Emerson: "Don't sing that song. I'm tired of it and it's getting in my head."
(Mom chuckles)
Emerson: "What's so funny?"
Mommy: "You. You're cute as a button."
Emerson: "No I'm not."
Mommy: "You're not?"
Emerson: "No!"

Mommy: "I love being your mommy."
Emerson: "I love being your Emerson."


Emerson: "It's a beautiful day!"
Mommy: "It's rainy and dreary."
Emerson: "Yeah, but it's still beautiful."

Emerson: "When I'm bigger, I'll have a baby in my tummy."
Mommy: "You have to be much older, and be married to a husband who loves you very, very much."
Emerson: "Maybe Grandpa can marry me."


"Dear Lord, help Isaac to feel better with medicine so he can feel better and play with me and so he can go anywhere, and help Grandma and Grandpa stay safe in Bolivar, and help his mother and father be brave at the hospital, and bless our hearts, Amen."

Mommy: "God gives you strength to do all things!"
Emerson: "Like to run?"
Mommy: "Yep!"
Emerson: "And to jump...for joy!"


"When Daddy gets home, I'm not going to let him go, cause I missed him so much!"

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