Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Worth Repeating



Noticing a dead baby bird that fell out of nest onto driveway:
Mommy: "It is sad. But, it's okay. God has a plan."
Emerson: (Enthusiastically, without skipping a beat) "What! Tell me!"



While kicking the back of the seat in the truck:
"I've got the moves, Mommy."


Looking at new iPad app:
"That's cool. That's cool. ... Cool, dude!"


"Bless you, mommy!"

Mommy: "This mattress is for the new baby. She'll need a place to sleep, don't you think?" ...
Emerson: "How bout there?"


Mommy: "Daddy wants to come to the zoo but he has to go to work."
Emerson: "Whomp, whomp, whomp...."

Handing Mommy an 'Oscar the Grouch' sticker: "You a good mommy."


Watching a little girl learn to ride a bike: 
Daddy: "You'll ride a bike like that!"
Mommy: "Someday!"
Emerson: (less confidently) "Somehow...."


Right after naptime, crawling out of bed:
"I got out. I'm so glad!"


Watching Mommy eat a baked potato:
"Big potato! When I'm bigger. I dink (drink) coffee and potato...when I bigger."

Came to living room to find Mommy after nap:
"I want to cuddle wiff you."

Looking out window:
Emerson: "I love trees...."
Mommy: "What do you love about the trees?"
Emerson: "Squirrels. They live in trees. And birds. ... (Big hug) Cuddle wiff my baby girl!"


Emerson: "Mommy, more pizza now!"
Daddy: "Emerson, how do you say it nicely?"
Emerson: "Yes, ma'am. ... Pizza, please."


Waking up at dark gas station on drive to Colorado:
"La-la rado?"

Mommy: "Emerson, look at the mountains!"
Emerson: "They're bigggg enough! Like, play dough!"


Grandpa: "Is that squirrel sleeping?"
Emerson: "No. Hibernating."

Getting out of bed in CO:
"Let's do this."

Finding bedroom door locked:
"Bummer, dude."



Mommy: "Say 'bye' to the mountains! Didn't God make some beautiful creation for us to enjoy? Mountains...and oceans...."

"And water
And cars
And houses
And trees
And baseball games
And cheese
And fish
And baseball games
And houses
And bath water
And dog's water
And stars
And clouds
And flags
And garbage
And dirt
And horses
And a horse
And Daddy...
How about...?
And Pooh
And Eeyore
And Piglet
And Christopher Robin
And Owl
And Rabbit
And Clifford
And pickles
And a movie
And Mommy
Ooh.... That's a lot of things....
I want a movie, please. I said please."


Looking in empty crib:
"No baby yet!"


Talking to Mommy/delaying naptime:
"I love my house. I love my big girl bed. I sleep there alllll night, and never ever get out. And never call Mommy. I love you so, so, so much...your knees, and your arms, and your hair, and your sunglasses, and your eyes...whew."


Mommy: "Look up at the leaves. Aren't they beautiful?"
Emerson: "Yes. God make."

Driving her Little Tikes car in the driveway, with hand to ear as if holding a phone:
"I on my way, I on my way."


Mommy: "I'm going to have some watermelon for a snack. Do you want watermelon?"
Emerson: "No...."
Mommy: "Do you have something else in mind for a snack?"
Emerson: "Yes. Power."


Mommy: "The title of this book is 'Pumpkin, Pumpkin'. Pumpkin starts with the letter P. The 'puh' sound. Like, p-umpkin, p-opcorn, p-laydough."
Emerson: "And, p-lease!"


Daddy on his iPad:
Emerson: "I love you so, so, so much, Daddy."
Daddy: "I love you, too, Emerson!"
Emerson: "Now he talks...!"


Mommy: "Should I go get more paper towels from the garage?"
Emerson: "No. You're still washing dishes."


Emerson: "I want to wash dishes with you."
(Mommy pauses, thinking.)
Emerson: "'Welllll...okay!' ... Do you want to say yes? 'Ummm...okay!'"


Mommy: "What do you want to eat?"
Emerson: "Gees."
Mommy: "Cheese?"
Emerson: "No, gees."
Mommy: "What's that?"
Emerson: "It's another word."


Emerson: "Daddy poops, Mommy poops, Emerson poops...."
Mommy: "Yes, everybody poops."
Emerson: "Royal poops, and God poops. (thoughtful pause) ... God poops?"
Mommy: "Maybe."
Emerson: "God poops...just a lil bit."

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  1. I just died laughing!! Way too much cuteness in this post :)