Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Emerson: 25 Months

August 1, 2014

  • At your two-year check-up, you weighed 26 lbs. (40th percentile) and were 2'11'' (85th percentile). You are a healthy, strong, growing girl! You didn't cry at all during this appointment while Dr. J examined you, though you were certainly apprehensive of the new situation. (Dr. J "couldn't find" your ears, which you thought was quite entertaining. You had to show him where they were!) You got a little misty-eyed when you had to lay down for your tummy to be checked, but you were so brave. I was very proud of you, big girl.
  • You are primarily wearing 2T clothes. 
  • We turned your carseat around on your birthday, and you love it. I was quite adamant that we stick with waiting until you were two years old before switching your seat (for safety reasons), and we made it, which makes me happy. You really seem to enjoy riding in the new van, taking in all of the forward-facing sights and visiting with Mommy as we drive. 
  • We took the rails off of your bed. You feel like such a big girl in your "new bed", as you should!
  • When we're driving, you almost always request that we "listen to moogah" (music). We've begun playing a Mickey Mouse CD instead of country radio, because you are so very perceptive and don't miss much. So help me, little one, we are going to protect your innocence as long as we possibly can.... So, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and "The Green Grass Grows All Around and Around" it is...over, and over, and over.... You love it! (Except for the ones that you don't. "I don't like 'dat song." At least I don't have to guess!)
  • Your imagination continues to develop, and it's a fascinating thing to watch. No one has "taught" you how to pretend, but you know how to play and imagine. One of your latest favorite things to do is pretending to be puppy, often panting or begging or carrying around Royal's leash.
  • Grandpa has enjoyed teaching you a few phrases lately, including "da nabba" ("dag nabbit"), and "that's all folks". "What's up, doc?" was a natural progression which Daddy taught you.
  • Occasionally, you'll want to have a conversation, and you'll say "talk about....". You will frequently have something in mind that you want to expand upon, or this open-ended sentence serves as an invitation to the other person to come up with a topic to discuss. 
  • "And, wha-telse?" ("What else?"), you say, as you add to and continue a conversation.
  • "Whomp, whomp, whomp...." It always surprises and impresses us when you use it completely accurately after hearing something that is, in fact, a bummer. 
  • "How about...."
  • "I want (fill in the blank). Right nowwwww."
  • "Hold you me, Mommy!"
  • "Bless you!"
  • "Wha choo doin'?"
  • "Hey! Where Daddy go?"
  • "That's a good plan!"
  • "I don't know!"

Emerson, you are conversational, playful, thoughtful, and fun. 
It is a joy to be around you, and I cherish these precious days that we get to spend together.
I love you so deeply, baby girl. What a treasure you are!

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