Monday, May 5, 2014

Emerson's B-I-B-L-E

Emerson has several favorite books, and she will readily pull them off the shelf, delighted to have a lap to sit in or someone to lay on her tummy next to as she reads. Often, the book she chooses is one of her children's Bibles. And when your toddler brings you the Bible to read...well, it just doesn't get any more special than that.

We always start "in the beginning". She turns each page through the story of Creation, and points out Eve and the sneaky snake. "Did God want them to eat the fruit?" ... "Mmm, mmm. Nooo." she says, shaking her head.

Then, it's on to "Noooooo-ahhhh!" (Because God said, "Noah! Build a big boat!" and I read it quite dramatically during our first telling of that story. So now..."Noooooo-ahhhh" it is!)

After that, it's ALL about the babies. We look for Abraham and Sarah and their baby, Isaac. Which is quite precious, since Emerson obviously knows a baby Isaac in her life. So, the fact that there's a baby "Ah-gah" in the Bible is fun. Then we turn a few pages to find Isaac's babies, Esau ("hairy!") and Jacob.

Moses is next, and she points out that Moses' mommy is sad when she has to put him in a basket, and then she's happy again to see him.

Finally, we turn many (many!) pages to look for baby Jesus, in a stable and in a bed that doesn't look anything like hers. She knows that Jesus is a special baby ("awww....") and notices the angels and the shepherds that come to worship Him.

Of course, there are more stories to learn, and the time will come for that. For now, though, she is learning through repetition of the ones that intrigue and delight her, and I am fascinated that she very clearly knows that it's a book to be enjoyed.

Lord, may she always have such interest in discovering your Word. 
May she continue to earnestly learn more about You. 
May I have the wisdom to help her grow and foster her curiosity. 
May I be intentional and diligent about guiding her to seek You.

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