Thursday, May 29, 2014

Emerson: 19 Months

February 1, 2014

  • You have taught yourself to say "thank you" ("ten coo") and it is oh, so precious. 
  • You are beginning to let Mommy fix your hair. Ponytails are our go-to, and although Mommy has to work very quickly, we're getting it. Such a big girl.
  • You refer to yourself as "Emmy". The rest of your name is just a bit of a tongue twister, but "Emmy" works just fine for now. 
  • You are such a great companion for Mommy. We spend a lot of time together, you and I, and it's fun feeling like buddies these days. I'm in good company.
  • You are showing such affection for those around you, and cuddling a lot lately. No complaints here.
  • Hearing yourself laugh is one of your favorite things. Ours, too.
  • We hear you say "okayyyyy" quite often, and we just love it. "Hey!", "oh, my", "yeahhh" and "oh, noooo" are more phrases we hear regularly.
  • Playing with blocks is an activity you really enjoy these days. Knocking them down is, of course, the best part.
  • You are learning to brush your own teeth and have the motions down! It's impressive!
  • You've figured out "up" and "down" and you practice sitting/standing up and down, and going back and forth between the two as you say it aloud.
  • When you wake up in the morning, you yell for Mommy. "Up!"
  • In many ways, it feels as though things are just "clicking" with you. As though you're settling into yourself and figuring out this life.... It isn't as if you were ever discontent, but these days you just seem more settled. 
  • You're learning about sound and hearing noises, and when something is a little loud, you put a hand to your ear and say "lowwwwd!"
  • You enjoy the 'Winnie the Pooh' movie on Netflix lately, which brings back memories for Mommy.
  • 'Ben Loves Bear' is a book from the library that you really like. When we start reading it, you get your teddy bear, and act out some of the pages. (Such as standing Bear on his head....) You really are interacting with your books and that makes us smile.
  • You are sleeping so very well at nighttime. We all wake up refreshed and rested more often than not, and I'm so, so proud of you. 

You are one special little girl, Emerson. 
I am incredibly proud to be your mommy.
I just couldn't love you more.

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