Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby to Toddler

I think I'm going to love having a one-year-old. If Emerson's latest discoveries and happiness are any indication of the joys to come in the months ahead, then we are in for an absolute treat.

When you anticipate a child joining your family, of course you "sign-up" for many more years than the first. And yet, that's what you really prepare for. You picture the infant, and the sleepless nights, and the "firsts". Frankly, many of the thoughts in those first months revolve around maintaining the little one's existence. One doesn't...I didn't, anyway...give much thought to the way life would be after that first birthday.

So, I feel like we're in very new territory. As we transition from baby to toddlerhood, I am excited. It's something completely new. I pictured Bobby and I with a baby for a long time before Emerson was here. I didn't give much thought to imagining what our family would look like as baby grows to a toddler. Seeing ourselves with a thirteen-month-old is new...and amazing. No one told us how much fun "1" can be!

There is so much to learn, for all of us. And it isn't so much about keeping her alive (though obviously we'll do our best to keep doing that), as much as it is about helping her continue to discover her world. Our pleasure!

I think I'm going to love having a one-year-old...I already am!

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