Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Second Anniversary

August was for us, as it seems to be for many people, an incredibly busy month. Between our anniversary + the beginning of a new school year + my best friend's wedding, last month was a blur...which left little time for blogging! But, now I'm back and finally have time to reflect a bit. 

Bobby and I had a low-key anniversary celebration...which was absolutely perfect for the busy month we were in the middle of! (It was also a Monday and the first day of the school year.) Bobby came home after work with a bouquet of flowers, including Cosmos, which he romantically explained was the two-year anniversary flower. (I didn't even know there was such a thing, but I was definitely impressed by his thoughtfulness.) 

He ushered me outside to the porch and told me to wait while he got things ready inside. He brought me back in, where a delicious Hong Kong Inn meal was waiting for me on the kitchen table..."because the modern two-year anniversary gift is 'China'". 

Well-played, Mr. Phillips! Isn't he romantic??

Our fortune cookie fortunes.
Appropriate for a married couple, don't you think?
Our 2nd annual anniversary 'hand' photo. You know, like the traditional ring photo on the wedding day?
We'll see how long this tradition of ours lasts. Cheesy, yes, but fun for now!
It was a romantic and memorable anniversary, and exactly the kind of relaxing evening at home we needed. Thanks, handsome. You are absolutely the best! 

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