Friday, September 30, 2011

A Cushion

Over the summer, my mom and I were able to spend some relaxing days together shopping and visiting and just generally enjoying each other's company. (How great is it that I'm a "grown-up" now and can hang out with my mom? Answer: VERY.)

At Mom's suggestion, we took on the project of creating a cushion for the kitchen window seat. I'm so glad she encouraged this project, because although I thought it would be nice, it certainly wasn't at the top of my "home renovation" list. But, with my mother's guidance and general oversight of the task, we put together the cushion one afternoon.

Our supplies:
a piece of board from Lowe's ($5ish), cut to fit courtesy of my handy husband,
quilt batting from Walmart (another $5ish),
foam pieces (FREE! see note below),
fabric ($10ish),
and staple gun (borrowed).

About that foam.... Do you realize how pricey foam is?! It's ridiculous, really. Mom, however, had the brilliant idea of using the foam pieces inside of the leftover Kindergarten mats in her classroom. Each mat has three or four rectangular foam pieces inside, and we used two mats and cut the foam to fit. Voila! Free foam. 
Foam on top of board, batting on top of foam, staple on the underside, stretch fabric around, staple again.
You get the idea.
The finished product!
Still on the lookout for some throw pillows....

I think it turned out really well, and the fabric complements the wall color nicely. It adds to the kitchen aesthetics, but I love it all more because it turned into a happy memory made with my mom.

So, what will we tackle next?! (Curtains.)

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  1. Very cute! I love mother/daughter craft projects. :)