Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finally Furniture

For our anniversary gift to each other, we decided to purchase living room furniture. (Which also fits the traditional two-year anniversary gift, "cotton". Okay, it's definitely a stretch, but we think it works.) It's not as exotic a gift as last year's trip to Mexico was (oh, I'm missing the beach these days....), but buying furniture was really a much wiser purchase at this point in time. And, to be honest, celebrating a special milestone by gifting each other with something to help make our house even more of a home felt quite romantic.

We're not laying on the beach this year, but we are finally laying on the sectional...and it's pretty darn great.

Yeah, Royal, I see that mischievous look.
So far, so good....


  1. Yes. :) Did I not mention that? It was a slow progression, stemmed from those insanely hot summer days. He comes inside when we're home, and has access only to the laundry room when we're not. He sleeps in there at bedtime, too. He's pretty much got it made. Yeah. We caved. But, we're loving having him around!