Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Royal, NO!" - Part Two

I mean, you saw the title of the you have to know what's coming. 

The none-too-pleased puppy parent.
The culprit.

Bobby and I came home one evening to find that the hose had been dragged into the middle of the yard, and entirely severed from the sprinkler to which it had previously been attached. 
I love this one.
"Son, I'm not happy with you...."
"Yeah, I know, Dad. So sorry about the hose. Couldn't help myself."
"See? You have another one! No big deal. Let me help!
By the way, I really like it here...please don't make me leave."
Sometimes he actually rests! (Sometimes.)
And he sure does look cute when he does.

The hose we're left with now has yet to be severed entirely, though it has been chewed to the point of having multiple holes throughout. Sure, it's annoying, but we're actually able to water about five plants at the same time...can you do that?! (It is pretty entertaining...the duct tape "plugs" didn't hold, so the holes are getting bigger and shooting off in several directions. Thank goodness it's so hot and getting a bit wet is refreshing!)

Anyway, there's not much point to replacing the hoses right now...who knows what else he's capable of?!

Stay tuned...I'll show you.

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