Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Zeda & The Zoo

"Hello, Spring!" The weather this week has been absolutely delightful. There is nothing that quite compares to the first few days of a new season, is there? Especially the first few days that signal the very welcome change of winter turning into spring.... How nice.

On Monday I got to enjoy some time outside, when I spent a couple of hours with my dear friend, Becca, and her sweet little girl. A visit with Becca was long overdue, and I hadn't seen the nearly-two-year-old Miss Zeda in far too long. It was such a treat when Becca suggested that I join them for a stroll at the zoo! (Sunshine, a special friend, animals, and a could I possibly say 'no'?!) We had such a nice time seeing the sights, catching up, and generally being entertained by Zeda's attitude. The girl is I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T, and full of spunk...and definitely a joy to be around! I had a blast, and I'm so glad they invited me to join in the fun.

Photo from a location other than the zoo,
stolen from Becca's blog

Becca is such a great friend who, over the past few years, has given me so much advice & encouragement...& so much to look forward to! She is a great mom, and watching her with Zeda was a blessing, and such a positive illustration of motherhood. I have benefited greatly from her example as a wife and mom, and I know that she will continue to be a friend that I look up to, learn from, and enjoy spending time with.

Time with friends (and a little one!), wedding & shower preparations, beautiful is good.

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  1. Well aren't you just too sweet! Thanks for the kind words. You are welcome to come to the zoo with us anytime.