Tuesday, July 20, 2010

iBroke It

iBroke Bobby's iPhone. (You know, putting the little 'i' in front of that phrase doesn't actually make it any more pleasant. It was worth a try.)

So, we were laying at the pool on Sunday, and in an effort to cover my eyes from the sun, I picked up Bobby's shirt, which unbeknownst to me, was holding his phone. You see where this is going.... The phone fell out of the shirt and onto the concrete below.

In my defense, I've dropped it many times, and it has fallen much harder! (Maybe this isn't helping my case like I thought it would....) Go figure, the phone decided this time to completely black out. No amount of turning it on and off has had any effect, and after dinner tonight, we are headed to the store to buy Bobby a new iPhone. The newer version, by the way. (This is actually working out quite well for him!)

So, it's a bummer, and of course we'd rather not spend the money for a new iPhone. (But, since Bobby has now HAD an iPhone, NOT getting another one is really not an option. Way to go, Apple.) However, as annoying as this unexpected expense is, it isn't a bank-breaking one. I'm so thankful that we live modestly and spend wisely so that when these things happen, we're able to deal with it, pay for it, and move on...and continue living comfortably all the while.

Our biggest problem this week is needing to replace a broken cell phone.
We are blessed to call THIS a "problem".

iAm sorry for breaking your phone, Bobby. iLove you!

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  1. iThouroughly enjoyed that post...sounds like something iWould do!