Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our Weekend

What a great weekend we just had! I've decided that all weekends should be 3-day weekends...what a difference it makes!

Bobby's brother, Joey, and his girlfriend, Alyssa, came up to visit Friday night, and we went to the Brad Paisley concert together on Saturday. It was terribly warm, and we waited in line (scratch that, waited in lines) for a solid 3 hours...and then waited almost just as long for Brad. The course of the afternoon was a little unexpected, but what a great concert we finally got to see! Brad was totally worth the wait, and it turned out to be a really fun time for Bobby and I.
(Personal Highlight: dancing to "Then", which played with our video slideshow at our wedding...totally romantic!)

For the record, I don't think it's coincidental that Brad Paisley and Bobby Phillips share the same initials...ignoring the "R" for "Robert". (Then again, Bobby also has the same initials as Brad Pitt. But, if I'm going to compare my husband to a celebrity, I have to go with Paisley.) What a handsome guy I got to hang out with at the concert...Bobby definitely rocks his cowboy hat and has all the country swagger as Mr. Paisley himself. What a lucky girl I am....

Aside from the concert and the rest of our time with Joey and Alyssa, the weekend consisted of Bobby and I enjoying "together time"...poolside and grill-side. Tonight will be the 4th night we're utilizing the apartment grills, and I plan to make this a habit. (Okay, tonight will be the last night of grilling in a row for a while. I'll give the guy a break and head back to the kitchen.) It's been amazing. And, paying rent doesn't seem QUITE so bad when we're only 10 seconds away from such a beautiful pool and patio area! We may never be able to move. (OR, the more likely option is that having a pool will be added to our list of "would be (really) nice to have" home qualities when we decide to start looking. We can dream, right?!) Ahh...we are going to make FULL use of these apartment amenities this summer. And, we like visitors. Keep that in mind.

It was such a treat to have Monday off from work. (It felt almost scandalous! Not working! On a Monday!) We enjoyed the day to the fullest. And, we benefited from having extra time...to just relax...together.

Yes, it was a great weekend, and we started the week rejuvenated and completely in a summertime mood. And, the best part is...it's already Tuesday.

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