Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was behind a car yesterday on I-270 and their license plate read BJOYFL. It was hot, I was frustrated with the barely-moving traffic, and I was ready to be home. Yet what a great reminder that was. It made me smile, and I wanted to somehow tell the driver, "your license plate was a blessing...thanks!"...but I never figured out how to make that happen. (We were driving, after all.) Wouldn't you know, that sweet woman in front of me was letting car after impatient car cut in ahead of her. (Not really a commonplace gesture on that thoroughfare. The 'letting cars in' part, not the cutting. That part is pretty typical.) And, while I wasn't particularly feeling quite so generous with my fellow drivers, I thought "this lady has the right idea". She is demonstrating her joy and probably doesn't even know it.

I'm going to make a greater effort to maintain and demonstrate a spirit of joy, in the midst of the frustrations that life can throw my way. Because, after all, there is so much to BJOYFL about.

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