Thursday, May 9, 2013

Musings of Motherhood: Ten Months

  • We had a (practically) illness-free winter! With the exception of a nasty cold for Emerson and me before Christmas, Emerson has had a very healthy infancy, and I am so thankful. We sacrificed a lot of socialization and outings during the cold and flu season, and I was fastidious about things like grocery cart sanitation. We got Emerson through some tender months without exposing her unnecessarily, and I'm proud of that. (The doctor says he doesn't see her except for her well-visits..."oil changes", as he calls them...because she doesn't go to daycare. I don't doubt it.)
  • It's interesting to discover that I have "mother bear" tendencies. That protective instinct kicks in when a stranger approaches at the grocery store; all the more so when they reach in to touch Emerson's arm or cheek. Harmless enough, I would imagine...but this is a weird world, and better safe than sorry. I don't hesitate to speak-up when I feel like our space is being invaded.
  • I am certainly figuring things out as I go...things like how helpful it is to simply park right next to the grocery cart corral at the store.
  • I find myself wondering about other I would love each of them. It seems strange to be thinking about that already.
  • My favorite times of day...praying before bed, napping, tickling her before bath, waking and cuddling, watching her crawl towards me....
  • I feel like I'm good at this thing called "motherhood"! I feel like I'm doing things "right".

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