Friday, May 10, 2013

I Know How

My mom sweetly suggested last weekend that perhaps this year (on our first Mother's Day as a family of three!), Bobby & I & Emerson might like to begin our own traditions. Essentially, she was considerately and selflessly (as is her nature) giving us "permission" to do our own thing without feeling obligated to attend a larger family gathering.

Isn't she thoughtful?


As Mother's Day approaches, I'm realizing (again) that my appreciation of my mom has changed, recognizing (now that I am a mom myself) all of some of the ways that she has demonstrated her love for me over the years. I understand better what a mother's love truly is, and I'm so incredibly grateful to have that love in my life. When I think about the ways that I show love to Emerson, the decisions that I make with her interests in mind, & the things I will continue to do for and with her as she grows...I am overwhelmed with gratitude that someone...Mom...did that for me.

This year, I am incredibly blessed to celebrate being Emerson's mom. But, I also get to celebrate being a daughter to a woman who has taught me what the role of "mother" means.

I know to pray for Emerson often, because I've felt the power of my mother's prayers for me.

I know to gently stroke Emerson's hair and rub her back, because I know how tender and reassuring my own mother's touch is for me.

I know to sing lullabies, because I remember the gentle melodies being sung to me.

I know to make every effort to demonstrate patience and grace, because it was so often shown to me.

I know how to be Emerson's mom, because from my own mother, I learned.


So, Mom, we will, of course, be celebrating on Sunday with you.

It is, after all, your first Mother's Day as a grandma!

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  1. this is so very sweet! it sounds like you have an incredible mother. how thoughtful and selfless of her to "allow" you to do your own thing and celebrate your first mother's day as a little family. you are lucky to have learned so many wonderful things from your mom. i hope you had a great mother's day!