Monday, April 8, 2013

Roadblocks to Maturity

Chalk it up to the change-of-perspective that motherhood brings. Or, maybe the result of too much time on my hands for pondering "life". Or, perhaps it's the result of this entering-my-late-twenties season.

In any case, I've been reflecting recently on some personal aspects of my psyche & my personality that are, by my personal assessment, less than ideal. Elements of myself that are what I'm considering to be "roadblocks to maturity" in my own life.

When I say "maturity", I'm not suggesting that it is somehow a finite goal that can be eventually reached. I don't expect to wake-up one day and declare myself "mature". I think it's a lifelong effort, similar (and related) to gaining wisdom.

To reflect on my shortcomings is challenging. A step towards greater maturity, perhaps? (And sharing them publicly, no less!) My hope in writing about these self-described shortcomings (occasionally, as I feel inclined) is that I'll be motivated to face and acknowledge these issues head-on, learning more about myself...who I am, and who I hope I am becoming.

Stay tuned.

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