Monday, April 1, 2013

One of Those Moments

While I was pregnant, Bobby's brother introduced him to the song "Dance, Baby, Dance" by Chris Cagle. Of course, upon hearing it myself, I thought of Bobby and our soon-to-be-born daughter. And, in my emotional state of pregnancy, I was immediately hooked on the song, deeming it right then and there as "theirs". Each time I hear it now, I still think back to those months before Emerson was born, picturing then the love that I knew my daughter and her daddy would share.

When our friends John and Natalie visited a few weekends ago, Bobby played that song, as well as Craig Campbell's "When She Grows Up"  (his favorite song to listen to with Emerson) while we put away dishes from dinner. And for whatever reason, I found myself strangely emotional yet again as we listened to the music. (No, I'm not pregnant.) I was loading the dishwasher, looked over at Bobby holding our daughter, and tears filled my eyes.

(Were we to have been around other friends instead of our dear Piatts, this could have been embarrassing. But, upon seeing my tears, Natalie started crying a bit, too. Because that's just the kind of friend she is.)

As I looked at Bobby and Emerson, I was overcome with a sense of how quickly she's growing. She may as well have been a bride tomorrow for how I was sensing the years flying by, imagining the two of them dancing (perhaps to that very song) at her wedding one day. That day seemed all too close as we stood in the kitchen.

The beautiful melody...her precious smile...Bobby's knowing glance back at me....

It was one of those moments.

And then, as if Emerson knew how much my heartstrings were already being tugged...she raised her arms as the powerful lyrics of the chorus began. "Soooo...big!", I responded, with a lump in my throat. How perfectly appropriate.

I melted.

I'm looking forward to that special day down the road when I'll get to watch those two dance to "their" song...whatever that becomes. 

I suspect that as I watch them together in those precious minutes, I'll find myself looking back to beautiful moments such as this. 

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