Thursday, November 15, 2012

Emerson: Four Months

November 1, 2012

  • At your 4 months (+ 6 days) doctor's appointment, you weighed 16 pounds and measured 25.5 inches long (90th percentile). We're so proud of how you're healthy, and so strong!
  • You're primarily wearing 6-9 month clothes now, largely because of the extra bulk from the cloth diapers that require a bigger size. We still squeeze you into some of your Mommy's favorite 3 month ensembles, but Daddy says I'm holding you back. 
  • You have continued to sleep through the night, and waking up for an early morning snack is definitely a rare exception to your general pattern. You've started to get sleepier a bit earlier in the evening, and your bedtime is closer to 9:00 p.m. these days (though you usually fall asleep in the living room around 8:00). We think the switch to daylight savings time might be helping this transition...of course, it has also meant earlier (7:00 a.m.-ish) wake-up times. 
  • I can't imagine sending you to daycare, or not being able to spend my days with you. You are just getting more and more fun!
  • You still nurse on-demand, but your frequency has definitely declined. Your meals are more substantial and you're not as interested in "snacking" throughout the day. Sometimes, if I think you're hungry and you're not, you arch your back away from me, clearly demonstrating your disinterest. You know how to communicate!
  • You're beginning to develop some daily patterns in your awake/sleep schedule. You wake-up energized, and after you eat, we play on the couch and you do some tummy-time watching Sesame Street for a bit. Late-morning, you're ready for a short snooze, and then more playtime. You've started taking a longer nap mid-afternoon, but still not in your crib. Maybe that will be a goal for this month.... You usually take a quick "power nap" just before Daddy comes home, and then you're ready for the rest of the evening. 
  • When 7:00-7:30 p.m. hits, though, you're ready to start your bedtime routine! Daddy plays with you for a bit, and then it's bath time. You smile when I take your socks know what's coming next!
  • The stuffed tiger that your daddy bought for you at the hospital has become a favorite toy, which makes Daddy and I smile. You reach for it immediately when it's offered, and bring its nose immediately to your mouth. We like knowing that there are things you like and enjoy.
  • You continue to be so very content...happiest when you're around the action, and quite observant and studious of your surroundings.
  • You've started to enjoy putting things in your mouth and chewing. Your fingers, other people's fingers, toys...everything is new and fun to explore! We also think you might be beginning the initial stages of teething...perhaps.
  • Royal is very entertaining to you. If he's in the room, you're watching him, and have started to grab bits of his fur if he sits near you long enough to do so. We think you're going to be best friends.
  • You are close to sitting-up on your own! You still need some support, and tend to lean forward, but it won't be long before you can do it by yourself. Your legs are getting strong, too, and you seem to very much enjoy being vertical while you practice putting some weight on your legs.
  • Every afternoon, we have "diaper-free" time on the floor of your nursery. You lay on your tummy on a blanket, and play with and stare at your "Whoozit" toy and your stuffed animals. Your tummy-time stamina has improved so much over the past month, and what used to seem like "work" for you, doesn't really seem to be anymore. When you get tired, though, we help you roll over onto your back, and then you twist all around some more playing with your toys. You roll onto your side very easily (and seem to prefer sleeping that way), but haven't shown a lot of motivation to roll over all the way. You're just so content wherever you are! 
  • You've giggled and belly-laughed a few times now...and it is the most beautiful sound we've ever heard. (We have so much laughing together ahead!)
  • You definitely recognize some familiar faces now, and offer smiles quite easily. But, you really like having Mommy close-by and tend to get upset if I'm not within eyesight.
  • You're also usually happy being held by Daddy now, which has been a fun thing for him. 
  • You're a blonde! We thought you were going to be bald for a bit, after all of your hair loss last month. But, your new hair grew in, and it is a beautiful shade of blonde, just like Mommy and Daddy when we were little. We think it suits you quite nicely...though you do look much different!

It's impossible to imagine our family without you...
and hard to believe it's only been four months since your arrival!
You bring such joy to our lives, Emerson.
Thank you for making every day a special one.

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