Friday, November 9, 2012

A Happy Memory

A year ago yesterday, Bobby came home from work, and we decided that the time had come to take a pregnancy test. So, I did, and after three anxious minutes, we learned that we were going to be parents. We spent the rest of our evening celebrating our answered prayer together, overjoyed by our news and full of anticipation.

Last night, Bobby came home from work, and we spent our evening cuddling with our sweet, 4 month old Emerson, who is recuperating from the second round of immunizations she got earlier this week. She got her nightly bath on the bathroom counter, while we reminisced about the two pink lines we saw in that same spot one year ago...lines revealing that she was on her way.

I'll forever remember that night. Such a happy memory!

We knew our lives were going to change; we just didn't know that from that very moment, they did.

We knew we loved our little one already; we just couldn't know how much, or how incredibly deeply we'd feel that love once she arrived.

The sentence below is a portion of what I wrote on the first page of my pregnancy journal on that night, when I learned I was going to be Emerson's mom. The sentiment remains equally as true now that she's here...part of our family, and my greatest joy.

"There are truly no words...
only the feelings of joy, excitement, wonder, and gratitude 
for the journey that is beginning."

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